20th Jeonju International Film Festival – Winners 2019


We present the list of winners of the Jeonju International Film Festival which is taking place from May 2nd – 11th, in Jeonju, Korea.

International Competition
Grand Prize

From Tomorrow OnFrom Tomorrow On, I will by Ivan Markovic, Wu Linfeng
China, Germany, Serbia | 2019 – 60 minutes

The vast city keeps growing and remains unexplored. Li, a migrant worker in Beijing, works by night and sleeps by day; his roommate’s rhythm is the opposite. In an underground housing, the two men share the same bed, but never at the same time (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)



Best Pictures Prize

HomingHoming by Helvecio Marins Jr. – Brazil, Germany | 2019 – 90 minutes

In the bucolic countryside of Brazil, Marcelo, an easygoing cowboy lives for one passion: rodeos. One tragic incident affects him deeply. Little by little he overcomes the trauma and is ready to dream again. (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)



Special Jury Prize

Last Night I Saw You SmilingLast Night I Saw You Smiling by Kavich Neang
Cambodia, France | 2019 – 75 minutes

The White Building, an iconic structure home to 493 families in Phnom Penh, faces demolition. In the building´s final days, Kavich Neang follows three families, including his own, as they pack belongings, share memories and anxieties, and eventually move out before the building´s total destruction. (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)



Korean Competition
Grand Prize (Sponsored by NH NongHyup)

Scattered NightScattered Night by Kim Sol, Lee Jihyoung – Korea | 2019 – 81 minutes

Sumin and Jinho are siblings living together. Their parents declare to them that they will divorce soon. They say that it is not decided yet how the four members of the family live apart, and ask them to wait for about 2 weeks. Sumin spends every day worrying about which parents she’s going to live with and whether she will live apart from Jinho. One day, her parents offer her a suggestion. (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)


Best Acting Prize

WaveKwak Mingyu for Wave (Choi Changhwan) – Korea | 2019 – 97 minutes

Second-generation migrant worker, Soo is released after receiving probation and community service sentence for his use of violence. Along with his friend Pil-sung, he ends up working as brokers for illegal migrant workers. While fulfilling his community service duty, he meets surfers. Soo falls in love with surfing as the surfers Ddong-ggo and Hae-na teach him how to surf. (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)


Scattered Night

Moon Seung-a for Scattered Night (Kim Sol, Lee Jihyoung)
Korea | 2019 – 81 minutes


CGV ARTHOUSE Award Distribution Support Prize

The Sea of Itami JunThe Sea of Itami Jun by Jung Dawoon – Korea | 2019 – 112 minutes

“Hello. I´m Itami Jun. I apologize for my poor Korean.” Itami Jun (Yoo Dongryong), a Korean architect who was born in Japan. This film follows his life through heartwarming architectures for people that he had tried for all his life. The architecture of time that exists for the people, space and the story of an architect who walked his own way between Korea and Japan, Shimizu and Jeju. (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)


CGV ARTHOUSE Award Upcoming Project Prize

Move the GraveMove the Grave by Jeong Seung-o – Korea | 2019 – 95 minutes

Hye-young receives a letter of notification that her father´s grave should be forcibly removed due to modernization projects. Hye-young and the sisters are gathered in a long time, but only the brother cannot reach easily. (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)


Jury’s Special Mention

WaveWave by Choi Changhwan – Korea | 2019 – 97 minutes


Korean Competition for Shorts
Grand Prize (KAFA Award)

ParterreParterre by Lee Sangwhan – Korea | 2019 – 27 minutes

Oh-seong is a son of an illegal immigrant, and a member of a wrestling team in high school. He wishes to compete in the National Sports Festival but it is impossible for a stateless person. (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)


Best Director Prize (Sponsored by Kyobo Life Insurance)

LeoLeo by Lee Deok-chan – Korea | 2019 – 28 minutes

Cellist Eun-ae decides to sell the cello on the day she returns from studying abroad. (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)


Special Jury Prize

SickSick by Lee Woodong – Korea | 2019 – 39 minutes | Fiction

A general hospital in Gyeongsang-do in 1990. Woo-sik and Jae-gu are working at the hospital as a receptionist. One day, an AIDS patient enters the hospital. Woo-sik and Jae-gu are instructed to bring the bankbook and the young daughter, Tae-bun, from the home of the AIDS patient who did not pay for the hospital. They head to Tae-bun´s house in fear of getting AIDS. (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)



The HarvestThe Harvest by Misho Antadze – Korea | 2019 – 70 minutes

Initially conceived as a project to explore the gold rush of cryptocurrency mining in the rural region of Kakheti in Georgia, The Harvest is an exploration of the relationship between nature, technology, and the changing landscape. (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)


Documentary Award (Sponsored by Jin Motors)

RivercideRivercide: The Secret six by Kim Byeongki – Korea | 2018 – 108 minutes

The Grand Canal project was one of the key pledges of the former President Lee. He first said that he was carrying out a project to save the four rivers but it was a lie. He eventually proceeded the project which was a hotbed of all kinds of irregularities. After ten years, now the river is dying. Some people collaborated to the past regime, and some resisted it. On whom will we stand? (JeonjuIFF Catalogue 2019)

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