100 Asian Films 2016


Continuing with the list of “80 Asian movie” we publish on July we decided to add more films we discovered later last year. We can now present a list of 100 movies and documentaries (from 2016) you cannot miss. So if you have the opportunity don’t doubt it and go see them. The list was made after watching lots of film festival catalogues and reading lots of synopsis. We try to be fair and cover all genres from all the countries we cover. Since this are the films we discover last 2016 there could be some movies from 2015. Finally to make things a little bit easy we divided de list in four parts, you can check the whole list in the “100 Asian Films” section (top-right part in our website). As always we hope you like our selection. Please feel free to share this article with your cinephiles friends and leave a comment below. Thanks – Sebastián Nadilo

100 Asian Films you cannot miss

Part 1 (1-25)
Part 2 (26-50)
Part 3 (51-75)
Part 4 (76-100)


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