50 Asian Short Films from 2022 (Part 4)

I present the fourth part of my list of the best Asian short films from 2022.

This list was created considering films I watched last year, awarded films from Class A festivals, and movies I recommended during 2022. You might find some films from 2021 that I consider worth mentioning since they are cinema gems. Please remember that AFF covers festivals from East Asia, South Asia & Southeast Asia. If you enjoy this article, please share it with your friends. As always, thanks for your support. – Sebastián Nadilo

Party Poster by Rishi Chandna – India | 2021 – 20 minutes | Documentary

In suburban Mumbai, science, religion and politics comically collide amidst a raging pandemic, when a group of laundrymen set out to design a poster celebrating a hugely popular annual festival worshipping the deity Ganesha. (Kaohsiung 2022)


Perhaps That Elephant Is Still Asleep by Yoeng Kuok Hong – Malaysia | 2022 – 19 minutes | Fiction

Set in 1999, a Chinese village in southern part of Malaysia known as the mythical Elephant Village is visited by a group of Malay villagers. A freshly-in-love teenage Chinese boy and a teenage Malay girl find themselves entangled in intricate racial conflicts from the previous generations as the myth of this village unveils itself. (SeaShorts2023)


Persona by Moon Sujin – Korea| 2022 – 7 minutes | Animation

The process of being encroached by the persona. (Indie-AniFest 2022)


Plastic Sonata by Nelson Yeo – Singapore | 2022 – 30 minutes | Fiction

In COVID-plagued Singapore, people begin to fear reality and feel a growing sense of uncertainty. A story of three individuals as they face the global crisis, impending loneliness and their family. (TGHFF 2022)


Please Hold the Line by Tan Ce-ding – Malaysia | 2022 – 18 minutes | Fiction

Teenaged Xin Ru works as a scam call operator, scamming people into sending money to her company. When she gets pregnant, she must do whatever it takes to earn the money for an abortion before her controlling father finds out. (TGHFF 2022)

Remember Our Sister by Jo Hayoung – Korea | 2022 – 29 minutes | Fiction

In the 1980s, Dongducheon base village. Hong spends a pleasant time with her older sister Yeon-ok. But the hostess disturbs Hong’s perfect daily life. (JIMFF 2022)


Ride to Nowhere by Khozy Rizal – Indonesia | 2022 – 15 minutes | Fiction

Ade, a woman in debt, becomes a motorcycle taxi driver, but her rides are cancelled due to various factors. She tries to find a way to avoid the cancellations. The film also raises other issues related to the working environment, and truly depicts the problems that modern society faces.


Seungwoo by Lee Haesol – South Korea | 2022 – 16 minutes | Documentary

A 14-year-old boy who survived govermental violence is now a 54-year-old middle-aged man. He tries to live a normal life while trying to forget about his past. (VilniusISFF 2022)

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Alvin Lee – Singapore| 2022 – 19 minutes | Fiction

A funeral director finds himself hapless when the wrong body has been sent for cremation. When there seems to be no other way, he devises a plan for a sham funeral with the deceased’s three estranged children. (BAFF 2022)


Southern Afternoon by Lan Tian – China | 2022 – 15 minutes | Fiction

Discovering that his teenage daughter has received a possible love-letter, a Uyghur father living in Southern China is desperate to resolve his doubt. Unable to read Chinese, he can only ask his little daughter for help to read him the letter. (HKIFF 2023)


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