20th Jeonju International Film Festival – Report 2019


Organizers of the Jeonju International Film Festival announced that their festival set a new attendance record and sold-out screenings.

The Jeonju International Film Festival continues to consolidate as one of the best in the region. This year the JIFF ended with a record-braking number of 85,900 attendance (more than 5,000 compared to last year) and a surprising 391 sold-out screenings (last year it was only 202 sold-outs). 300 screenings were for general screening and 91 for VR Cinema programs. The festival was able to screen 275 films from 53 countries, 201 were features and 74 were short films.

All of the films from the Korean Competition for Shorts were sold out. Selected projects for the 2019 Joenju Cinema Project (JCP), Somewhere in Between by Jeon Jeehee, the Breathing of the Fire by Ko Hee-young and Shades of the Heart by Kim Jong-Kwan had a 94 % of the seats filled. As for the Korean Competition seats were filled by 90%.

The JIFF not only achieved its goals from increasing the number of films but has also received great reviews in terms of quality. The Newtro Jeonju was highly praised for re-examining the past with a unique perspective of the JIFF. Another section that was praised by the critics was the 100 Year of Korean Cinema, a special exhibition to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Koran Cinema.

With a total of 266 Forums, Q&As with guest visit and special classes such as Master, Cinematology, Frontline and Talk Classes the festival was able to attract a lot of audience.

The 21st Jeonju International Film Festival will once again visit audiences in the spring of 2020 with innovative programs and new looks.

Winners of the festival can be seen in the next link: JIFF Winners 2019

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