28th ifva Festival – Animation Category 2023

We present the short films that will be screened at the Animation Category of the ifva Festival which will take place from March 2 – 11, 2023 at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

March 3, 2023 | Friday | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | 7:30 pm | HK$80 / 64 | With post-screening discussion

A Guitar in the Bucket by Kim Bo-young – Korea | 15 minutes

In a world where you can rent everything from vending machines, a girl wants to be a guitarist, but people choose otherwise for her.

Everywhere by Step C., Ng Kai-chung – Hong Kong | 10 minutes

Missing someone is a kind of pain, and missing someone who’s already passed away is even more unbearable. This film uses the story of the life and death of two kittens and metaphorical images to let the audience enter the world of cats and contemplate the theme of life and death, and consequently find relief for those feeling trapped.

Lost in a Waltz by Li JI-tian – Taiwan | 9 minutes

Returning to a house that holds nothing, a mother misses her mother.

Mui by Wong Weng-chon – Macao | 8 minutes

During a short trip, a young man and his grandmother are confronted with horrible memories. Amidst grandma’s usual nonstop nagging, it feels as if suffering will persist simultaneously in the past and the present.

My Dear Son by Lilian Fu – Hong Kong | 9 minutes

In a capitalist city, Rose unexpectedly gives birth to a cat. The baby doesn’t behave as an ordinary baby and Rose struggles to love him. Rose tries her best to change him, even if it means changing his true nature. To find a connection, she learns to love him for whom he is, just to remember something she has forgotten for a long time.

Patient’s Mind by Wang Zhiheng – China | 6 minutes

The metaphor of the doctor-patient relationship is used in the work, which shows the process of the protagonist’s inner self and superego, the fight for the subject right between the present and the “preset future”, and the endless cycle between the present and the “preset future” in the doomed failure of self-salvation.

THE SQUARE CITY by Chow On-wa, Liu Ka-lok, Lam Ruth – Hong Kong | 7 minutes

Living in the cramped conditions in Hong Kong makes people feel confined, like being trapped in a square. People are oppressed by their environment, their lives are deprived and they feel unable to change. However, Bong has not lost his will to be free like a bird and still maintains his longing for beauty.

Uncle Babysitter 2 by Tungoowd – Hong Kong | 6 minues

Uncle and nephew get into an argument over watching TV, but the uncle accidentally kills the nephew?!

Well Wishes My Love, Your Love by Gabriel Gabriel Garble – Malaysia | 9 minutes

Newly orphaned and freshly wounded from an immense loss, a boy lends his companion a prosthetic arm for the day. The companion would then expose the prosthetic limb to a mélange of textures and materials, whilst documenting the whole process. As the moon inches closer and closer towards the sun, the boy sees something unusual reflected on the water’s surface.

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