15 Short films you shouldn’t miss at the 28th ifva Festival

These are fifteen short films you shouldn’t miss at the ifva Festival which will take place from March 2 – 11, 2023 at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

A Guitar in the Bucket by Kim Bo-young – Korea | 15 minutes

In a world where you can rent everything from vending machines, a girl wants to be a guitarist, but people choose otherwise for her.(ifva Festival 2023)

Anatomy of Rats by Tam Sin-yeung Antonio, Wu Tin-long Tino – Hong Kong | 30 minutes

The head prefect Jaguar and vice-head prefect Smoker of a boarding school are responsible to discipline but break rules in secret. The rule of law that governs both good and bad students is disrupted when an unexpected accident alarms the school principal and affects the power balance of the two. (ifva Festival 2023)

FLY by To Chun-him – Hong Kong | 8 minutes

A group of delinquent tricks a middle-aged man and steals his phone. Upon checking the phone’s content, they find a short sex clip. While noisily commenting on the video, they cause the displeasure of two children, without realising they are getting involved in a gang dispute. (ifva Festival 2023)

Graveyard by Ali Daraee – Iran | 14 minutes

A young mother in Iran has lost her baby due to negligence, but the presence of the father is required in order to get a burial permission. She strives to find his / her missing husband and by the elapse of time, she is involved in more serious issues. (ifva Festival 2023)

I Have No Legs, and I Must Run by Li Yue – China | 15 minutes

An athlete who has passed his prime is struggling with his injuries. The arrival of a talented new member of his team plants the seeds of jealousy in the athlete’s mind. (ifva Festival 2023)

Little Yellow Flower by Lin Chien-ping – Taiwan | 30 minutes

Looking at his paralysed father, wrapped in diapers and ants crawling all over his body, A-nan recalls his painful childhood memories. When he sprays insecticides to kill ants again, can he unravel the long-frozen father-son relationship and restore the loving beauty of the yellow flowers that once bloomed in the courtyard? (ifva Festival 2023)

Looming by David Lau – Hong Kong | 4 minutes

A student union election sparks online bullying. The protagonist is harassed, attacked, publicly judged and even doxed by unknown forces. His victimiser plays hide and seek with the protagonist, who is about to break down when he discovers that…(ifva Festival 2023)

Lucky Cat by Yeung Kwong-chung – Hong Kong | 25 minutes

Fut, a parking attendant who believes in gods and Buddha, meets a mute one day during worship who reveals a secret to him. From that day onwards, Fut gets very lucky and wins a windfall. Meanwhile, massage girl Fei Fei and her friend Mei want to blackmail Fatty, a lustful taxi driver… (ifva Festival 2023)

Mui by Wong Weng-chon – Macao | 8 minutes

During a short trip, a young man and his grandmother are confronted with horrible memories. Amidst grandma’s usual nonstop nagging, it feels as if suffering will persist simultaneously in the past and the present. (ifva Festival 2023)

Neither Nor by Ong Soon-teik – Malaysia | 25 minutes

Three Chinese students, who are about to graduate high school are filming a sensational video. They wander the land of Malaysia with rebellion and confusion. They seek validation and a future, yet they invalidate themselves. All three are torn between “leaving” and “staying,” struggling in a pessimistic racial environment, searching for answers that have been unanswered for years in their “neither nor” Malaysian identity. (ifva Festival 2023)

Please Hold the Line by Tan Ce-ding – Malaysia | 19 minutes

A young scam call operator is thrust into a moral dilemma as she navigates a life-changing situation. (ifva Festival 2023)

Recall by Chan Yik-tung – Hong Kong | 6 minutes

The protagonist lives in a free world, but out of curiosity, she has some dangerous encounter. In the end, she is oppressed by the big city. (ifva Festival 2023)

Rewind by Ho Wai-wa, Sung Ting-hin, Lo Ching-laam – Hong Kong | 8 minutes

This is a story about a young girl who grows up in Kwai Shing West Estate and her courageous pursuit of her dreams. (ifva Festival 2023)

True Lights by Yeung Wing-k, Zhou Tsz-wun, Wong Zing-ting Cecilia – Hong Kong | 8 minutes

The True Lights singing competition that was cancelled due to the pandemic is finally resumed. The protagonists have made a promise to take part in the competition, but Tsz-yan is under pressure from her friends’ expectations, school, and family, and has a difference of opinion with Yu-ching. Among chasing, giving up and being arranged, what is the real choice? (ifva Festival 2023)

Well Wishes My Love, Your Love by Gabriel Gabriel Garble – Malaysia | 9 minutes

Newly orphaned and freshly wounded from an immense loss, a boy lends his companion a prosthetic arm for the day. The companion would then expose the prosthetic limb to a mélange of textures and materials, whilst documenting the whole process. As the moon inches closer and closer towards the sun, the boy sees something unusual reflected on the water’s surface. (ifva Festival 2023)

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