Call for Entry

16th Japan Film Festival Los Angeles – Call for Entry 2021

The Japan Film Festival Los Angeles is accepting films until April 20th, 2021. Here you can find more information about their call for entry.

About the Festival:
The Japan Film Festival – Los Angeles started out in 2003 as the Chanoma Film Festival. The festival has been a vanguard event dedicated to strengthening the general understanding of Japanese culture among American and Japanese audiences in Los Angeles.

This festival was originally created on the theme of “Chanoma”–the gathering place of a Japanese home–and showcased heartwarming films portraying the everyday life of a Japanese family. In 2008, in order to introduce Japanese film to a broader American audience and offer Japanese filmmakers inroads into the US market, the name of the festival was changed to “Japan Film Festival – Los Angeles”.

Japan Film Festival Los Angeles will be held its 16th annual event ①online(for sure) and ②in-person(if possible) in 2021.

General Rules:
– Online screening will be available worldwide.
– The festival accepts short (5 – 10 minutes), medium (21 – 40 minutes) and feature length movies (75 – 120 minutes).
– Films will be accepted from Japanese Directors, Writers, or Producers, and from non-Japanese Directors. It is a requirement that the theme must be related to Japan, OR that the lead or the majority of the cast are Japanese actors.
– In the case of Japanese director, writer and producer, the theme does not have to be related to Japan, but if those are non-Japanese ones, something (shooting locations, the concept, culture, tradition) must be related to Japan, or the leading role or many Japanese performers are Japanese.
– It is the submitter’s responsibility to ensure that rights for all images and music used in the film have been cleared.
– Films screened or released before the JFFLA are still eligible for submission.
– Selected films need to have English subtitles whenever the dialogue is not in English. JFFLA can provide information on subtitling services.
Submission Fees & Deadlines:

* Highlighted discount fees are for FilmFreeway Gold Members

Notification date: May 15th, 2021

We recommend filmmakers to read the full Rules and Regulations here:

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We remind readers that the 16th Japan Film Festival Los Angeles will take place from October 4th – 10th, 2021 in Los Angeles, California (USA).

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