Call for Entry

CineSpectra Short Film Festival – Call for Entry 2019


The CineSpectra Short Film Festival is accepting film projects dealing with HIV/AIDS Awareness until April 1st, 2019. Here you can find more information about their call. *Only for Filipino Filmmakers*

CineSpectra 2019: A Film Festival for HIV/AIDS Awareness has been created as a vehicle to foster a deeper, human rights-based understanding of HIV/AIDS and therefore a wider public appreciation of this epidemic not just as a public health issue, but in the context of the greater human experience, through film and/or A/V production/short films as well as to consistently foster film appreciation and film screening programs for audience development.

Cinespectra welcomes partnerships with Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), EON, LOVE YOURSELF and Directors’ Guild of the Philippines, Inc. (DGPI).

The theme for this year’s CineSpectra is Your Judgement, Their Life. All films featured in this year’s CineSpectra will cast a spotlight on HIV and AIDS in the Philippines. While HIV and AIDS in the Philippines have received considerable attention in local and international news, the topic is still very difficult to discuss and confront for many Filipinos. As a result, those currently living with HIV – referred to as PLHIV – are stigmatized by society and rarely given platforms to share their stories.

In the name of advancing public discussions and breaking the stigma, CineSpectra 2019 will allow Filipinos to broaden their understanding of HIV and AIDS through films which push boundaries of common knowledge and empower the narratives of the Filipinos who are directly impacted. Through this holistic approach we aim to transform perceptions toward increased awareness, acceptance, and willingness to take action, no matter what one’s capacity may be.

General Rules:
– The competition is open to all filmmakers of Filipino citizenship, students and industry professionals are encouraged to participate from all regions.
– Entries MUST focus on the theme of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines.
– Proposed concept entries must be in the form of narrative fiction. Animation entries are allowed. Submission of the script is encouraged, if a draft is available.
– Experimental and Documentaries are not accepted.
– Films should not exceed the 5 minutes mark, including opening and closing credits.
– The rights of completed film output will belong to the proponent. However, LoveYourself, EON Foundation, and the Film Development Council of the Philippines reserve the right to screen entries in various events and platforms.
– Finalists will be selected and will receive 70,000 PHP grant to make their project.
– Submission Fee: FREE
– Deadline: April 1st, 2019

We recommend filmmakers to read the full Rules and Regulations:

We remind readers that the CineSpectra will take place on August, 2019, in the Philippines.

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