Chang Mihee appointed as New Vice Chairman of the BIFAN

The organizers of the 22nd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) announced that the actress Chang Mihee has been appointed as New Vice Chairman.

By appointing actress Chang Mihee as Vice Chairman, the BIFAN continues to build a strong committee centered on film industry personnel and in the process has taken its first step towards becoming the world’s best genre film festival. Last year the festival appointed producer Shim Jaemyung, actor Jung Jinyoung, and directors Bong Joonho, and Hanmin Kin for the committee. In doing so, two thirds of the committee are now composed of film industry personnel, and it has gradually reformed itself into an industry personnel centered organization.

About her designation Chang Mihee comment: “Last year I was deeply touched as I witnessed Bucheon recognize events over the years as an acknowledgement of service, and displaying leadership while harmoniously leading its new start. It is an honor to be joining Chairman of the Organizing Committee, CHUNG Jiyoung, on this committee.” The new Vice Chairman further shared her feelings regarding her appointment by stating, “I understand the value of BIFAN’s new start. I believe in the power of this organization, and I heavily accept the responsibility that has been given to me today.”

About Chang Mihee
After her debut in 1976 with her performance in the film , actress CHANG Mihee led a new era as one of a troika of renowned actresses with films such as (1977), (1980), (1983), (1984), (1986), and (1991). As an actress, CHANG Mihee helped create important masterpieces that will live on forever in the history of Korea’s film industry. Along with winning countless best actress awards at events such as the Asia-Pacific International Film Festival, Daejong Film Awards, Blue Dragon Awards, Paecksang Art Awards, and the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, she has also served as a judge at the Asia-Pacific International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, and Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival among numerous other film festivals. CHANG Mihee was also the former Deputy Director of the Korean Film Council, and is currently teaching as a professor at the Department of Theatre and Visual Arts at Myongji College.


To know more about this festival please go to the Festival Profile or to the Official Website.

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