Winners of the Korean Independent Animation Film Festival 2016


We present the list of winners of the Korean Independent Animation Film Festival – Indie-AniFest that took place from September 22th – 27th in Seoul, South Korea.

Independent Walk / First Flight

Grand Prize “Star of Indie

My Father’s Room by Jang Nari – South Korea | 2015 – 8:16 min.

She was abused by her father during childhood. Since he left, the pain and anger had begun to fade. One day, unexpectedly, she was struck by a revelation about her father’s life that cast her feelings about him into confusion.

Prize for Independent Walk

Deer Flower by Kim Kangmin – South Korea | 2015 – 7:34 min.

In the summer of 1992, Dujung, an elementary student, goes to a farm in the suburbs with his parents. While his parents believe the expensive and rare specialty from the farm will strengthen their son’s body, Dujung suffers side effects.

Prize for First Flight

Devil Cat by Jung Hyewon – South Korea | 2016 – 8:05 min.

Anold lady, who is a devil hunter, lives with her cat. On Halloween, the cataccidentally frees a devil that was sealed away by the old lady. The newlyfreed devil possesses the cat which transforms into a devil cat. It kills manypeople and devours their souls, growing bigger. To stop the devil cat, the oldlady fights with it.

Jury Special Prize

The Empty by Jeong Dahee – South Korea | 2016 – 9:27 min.

In the woman’s room, memories constantly accumulate and disappear like dust. The man spends his time in this room creating futile little games with woman’s memories.

KIAFA Special Prize

Piano and Kid by Lee Hyunmi – South Korea | 2016 – 6:26 min.

To a child who doesn’t want to play the piano anymore, the piano looks like a monster that wants to eat him. But the piano follows the child and only wants to play cheerfully together like they did before…

Special Prize for Debut Film

Jungle Taxi by Kim Hakhyun – South Korea | 2016 – 7:44 min.

The taxi driver picks up a discomforting man in the jungle. The man wishes to die beside the ocean, but he survives. The taxi driver goes to pick him up again. When he arrives, his hand reaches for his concealed pistol.

Special Prize for Music/Sound

Overload by Mun Byeongseon – South Korea | 2015 – 5:03 min.

Aman misses his lover who died in an unexpected accident. After a long period inspace, he is about to return to Earth when an inexplicable and impossibleincident allows him to look back in time.

Audience Choice “Star of Festival”

My Father’s Room by Jang Nari – South Korea | 2015 – 8:16 min.


Asian Road

Grand Prize “Light of Asia”

We Make Images by Nina Sabnani – South Korea | 2016 – 8:51 min.

[We Make Images] is an animated interpretation of an origin myth from the Bhil community in Madhya Pradesh, India. For the Bhil community painting is like offering a prayer and the film reveals why. The film is a collaboration between the indigenous artist Sher Singh from the community and the film maker Nina SABNANI that explores ways of telling together.

Audience Choice “Star of Festival”

Look at Me Only by Tomoki Misato – South Korea | 2016 – 7:30 min.

A man not listening to his girlfriend but petting his “guinea pig” alone met a beauty off lower. While the girlfriend is jealous of the guinea pig, the beauty of flower appreciates it. He is getting attracted to the beauty…

To know more about the festival you can see the FESTIVAL PROFILE or go to the official website HERE.

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