Film Festival

29th Tokyo International Film Festival – Japanese Cinema Splash Section


We present the movies selected for the Japanese Cinema Splash Section that will be screen during the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) from October 25th – November 3rd.


14 That Night by Shin Adachi – Japan | 2016 – 114 min.

In a small town in 1987, junior high student Takashi and his friends begin a ridiculous but serious adventure at the only video store in town. This marks the directorial debut of award-winning writer Shin Adachi (100 Yen Love).


At the Terrace by Kenji Tamauchi – Japan | 2016 – 95 min.

At a office party, Haruko’s fair arms catch the attention of the men, igniting the jealousy of her husband’s boss’ wife. For 90 uproarious minutes on the terrace, director Kenji Yamaguchi (Her Father, My Love}) shreds social masks.


Going the Distance by Yujiro Harumoto – Japan | 2016 – 117 min.

Just before his marriage, Asahi accidentally involves his closest childhood friend in a scam. His fiancée wants the wedding while her ailing grandmother is alive. Which family member should Asahi help? His “brother” or his future wife?


Sound of Waves by Kaze Shindo – Japan | 2016 – 100 min.

Kaze Shindo (Love/Juice) returns with a summertime drama set in the Okinawa Islands, starring brilliant child actor Aoi Ito and Japan Academy Prize-winner Sakura Ando, about island life and human bonds built through music.


Same Old, Same Old by Rikiya Imaizumi – Japan | 2016 – 142 min.

Rikiya Imaizumi (Their Distance, Sad Tea) appears at TIFF for the third time with a drama that asks “What does death really mean?” through the lives, loves and religious beliefs of three filmmakers in Fukushima and Tokyo.


Grab the Sun by Yutaro Nakamura – Japan | 2016 – 89 min.

The director of 2015 Tokyo Student Film Festival prizewinner King of Fools creates a raw, “now-or-never” musical drama, with vivid performances by emerging actors and unforgettable singing by star Kaito Yoshimura.


Hello, Goodbye by Takeo Kikuchi – Japan | 2016 – 80 min.

Two troubled high school classmates, who aren’t friends, encounter an old lady. The girls clash, but with their new mentor’s help, gradually learn to accept each other. The sophomore feature of Takeo Kikuchi (Dear Deer).


Poolsideman by Hirobumi Watanabe – Japan | 2016 – 117 min.

A lonely pool lifeguard causes a shocking incident in a world of madness and malice. Indie heroes the Watanabe Brothers (7 Days, And the Mud Ship Sails Away…) depict the twisted depths of Japanese society in this sensational thriller.

Out of Competition


DDT: Dramatic Dream Team! We are Japanese Wrestlers! by Tetsuaki Matsue
Japan | 2016 – 74 min.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Tetsuaki Matsue (Live Tape, Flashback Memories 3D) tag-teams with wrestler MUSCLE SAKAI, a.k.a. Super Sasadango Machine, capturing a year in the life of SAKAI’s DDT pro-wrestling group.

The Brand New Legend of the Stardust Brothers by Macoto Tezka
Japan | 2016 – 132 min.

Acclaimed visualist Macoto Tezka revives his own 1980s cult screen musical The Legend of the Stardust Brothers, starring booty-shaking duo Kan Takagi and Shingo Kubota, for a new generation. Based on an original story by musical genius Haruo Chikada.

Hentaida by Hajime Anzai – Japan | 2016 – 76 min.

This super-stylish, innovative and sexy rock ‘n’ roll movie is directed by popular illustrator Hajime Anzai, with a story by mangaka Jun Miura, starring Live Tape singer Kenta Maeno. Youth? Love? Talent? Anzai redefines them all!

To know more about the festival you can see the FESTIVAL PROFILE or go to the official website HERE.

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