The Tokyo International Film Festival will be present at the Cannes 2016


Some of the key figures from the TIFF will be attending the Cannes Film Festival.

The Tokyo International Film Festival will join the Cannes Film Festival this year with the objective to promote the TIFF to the industry people from around the world. Some of the organizers traveling to Cannes will be Mr. Yasushi Shiina (General Director), Mr. Yoshi Yatabe (Programming Director – Competition Section), Mr. Kenji Ishizaka (Programming Director – Asian Future Section), The Programing Team (Ms. Yuki Kaneko, Ms. Kumiko Yasuda), the International Relations (Ms. Azusa Kenjo), the International Public Relation Team (Ms. Hideko Saito, Ms. Sanae Koyama, Ms Nahoko Yamashita).

The Japan Booth (Organized by UNIJAPAN/JETRO) will be open from May 11th – 20th (9am – 6pm) at the Palais 01 – Booth 23.01 for those attending the market.

We would like to remember our readers that this year there will be four Japanese movies presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

After the Storm

After the Storm by Koreeda Hirokazu – Japan | 2016 – 117 min.


Harmonium by Fukada Koji – Japan | 2016 – 118 min.


Momotaro, Umi no shinpei (Momotaro, Sacred Sailors) by Seo Mitsuyo – Japan | 1945 – 74 min.


Ugetsu monogatari (Ugetsu) by Mizoguchi Kenji – Japan | 1953 – 97 min.

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