Jeonju International Film Festival: A huge success!


The organizers of the JIFF are very pleased with this year edition.

The 17th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) closed this year activities reaching a new record of 219 screening sellouts. It made its historical record of 503 screenings. The organizers link this success to their new strategy plan. Outdoor screenings were a sold out too, including the opening film Born to be Blue (Robert Budreau), Dongju: the portrait of a Poet (Lee Joonik) and Morris from America (Chad Hartigan). Main performances “Musicians Meet Cinema” have gathered over 800 audience at CGV Jeonju IFF Stage. Audience party “Night-time Stroll-Camping in Jeonju” on April 30th have gathered 1.100 people. 900 people attended the Good Concert event on May 6th. In numbers this year 211 films from 45 countries were screen during the 10 day festival. Admissions reach 71.000 and the seat occupancy rate was approximately 79%.

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