30th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film – Asian Presence 2023

We present the Asian films that will compete at the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film which will take place from April 25 – 30, 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany

Note: the list includes filmmakers of Asian ascendency.

Beyond the Fringe by Costanza Baj, Giulia Zanette, Han Tang – Spain – 5 minutes
Bird in the Peninsula by Atsushi Wada – France, Japan – 16 minutes
Boat People by Kjell Boersma, Thao Lam – Canada – 10 minutes
Dilemma by Eunjin Jung, Jeongju Lee – Korea – 6 minutes
Dogmentary by Junehyoung Park – Korea – 6 minutes
Elegy of Elephant by Sergio Lu – China – 9 minutes
Fragile Love by li xie – China – 9 minutes
I Hate You by Xuan LI – China – 3 minutes
In Sight by Cindy Zhi, Natalie Tran, Wendy Lu – Australia – 6 minutes
Life is a Marathon by Tianjiao Lu, Yulong Dong – China – 10 minutes
Mileage by Christopher Hsueh, Jennifer Wu, Joy Zhou, Kym Santiana, Miranda Li, Nicole Taylor-Topacio, Ruby Saysanasy, Ruyee Lu, Saul Benavides – Canada – 8 minutes
OCD Of Riyaaz Roy by Riyaaz Roi – India – 4 minutes
Paperplanes by Arvind Singh Jeena – India – 7 minutes
Persona by Sujin Moon – Korea – 7 minutes
PILIPALA by Yinan Liang – USA – 1 minute
Primitive Times by Hao Yu – Germany – 6 minutes
Shan by Jing Hui – Singapore – 5 minutes
Spirit of the Forest by Kalp Sanghvi, Nandini Rao, Nirupa Rao – India – 7 minutes
Spring Roll Dream by Mai Vu – UK – 10 minutes
The House of Loss by Jinkyu Jeon – Japan, Korea – 10 minutes
The Story of Chaos by Yu Qing Quek – Singapore – 4 minutes

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