28th ifva Festival – Youth Category 2023

We present the short films that will be screened at the Youth Category of the ifva Festival which will take place from March 2 – 11, 2023 at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

March 11th, 2023 | Saturday | 1:30pm | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | HK$ 80/64* – With post-screening discussion

Bravocado Oliventure by Leung Man-hei Abby, Li Yan-wing, Chu Chi-ching, Deng Po-yan, Kok Sin-yau, Chan Yuk-kiu – Hong Kong | 8 minutes

June is the month of avocado. To celebrate this important date, the whole kitchen is decorated with avocados, where avocado becomes the new superstar of Bronterian’s Kitchen. Olive, on the other hand, is desperate to make big dreams come true. What will happen if they meet? Can olive realise its grand ambition? (ifva Festival 2023)

Cupid Rosewood is 14 Years Old by Choy Sin-man Jasmine, Tong Wing-tung Ilana
Hong Kong | 12 minutes

Cupid Rosewood! Hopelessly showbiz, the type of person who belongs to a stage – somehow she ends up dead at 14. The film follows Cupid through her last year of life; understand her better, find out how her death comes to be! Was this fate born into the red velvet mesh of her favourite dress? Was it inevitable? (You’ll never know!) (ifva Festival 2023)

Dream to the Sky by Lam Tsz-yuen, Lee Yan Yoana – Hong Kong | 5 minutes

There are certain stereotypes when it comes to princesses in fairy tales: they fall in love at first sight and wait for a prince to live happily ever after. Our version of Rapunzel escapes the tower with her bold actions, unlimited courage and creativity. She has always dreamt of becoming a pilot by which she can explore the sky freely like a bird, so she designs a parachute and decides to pursue her dream. (ifva Festival 2023)

Libra by Sung Ting-hin – Hong Kong | 24 minutes

An unknown artist starts to feel bored with his creations, until one day he dialogues with his own consciousness under a spotlight, and remembers the times when he was in school and did paintings alongside his seniors. He remembers his reasons for liking art in the first place and rediscovers his own values. (ifva Festival 2023)

Looming by David Lau – Hong Kong | 4 minutes

A student union election sparks online bullying. The protagonist is harassed, attacked, publicly judged and even doxed by unknown forces. His victimiser plays hide and seek with the protagonist, who is about to break down when he discovers that…(ifva Festival 2023)

Overwatch by Chiu Ka-yin, Pak King-tai, Li Tsun-wai, Lei Yat-ming – Hong Kong | 6 minutes

Watching and being watched. In a world where people are “amusing ourselves to death”, we go on a journey of deconstructing truth. Is information technology a sign of progress or an instrument of harm? The boundary between individuals is being dissolved. This is overwatch, where sci-fi turns into reality.

Recall by Chan Yik-tung – Hong Kong | 6 minutes

The protagonist lives in a free world, but out of curiosity, she has some dangerous encounter. In the end, she is oppressed by the big city. (ifva Festival 2023)

Rewind by Ho Wai-wa, Sung Ting-hin, Lo Ching-laam – Hong Kong | 8 minutes

This is a story about a young girl who grows up in Kwai Shing West Estate and her courageous pursuit of her dreams. (ifva Festival 2023)

THOSE DAYS by Woo Ho-fung, Chiu Tsz-chai, Cheung Wai-kit, Li Hung-pan, Ip Cheuk-han, Fung Yuk-lam – Hong Kong | 15 minutes

Woo is a cross border student who must stay home in Mainland during the pandemic and take online classes. By chance, he comes to Hong Kong and stays at the home of his teacher, Chan. As they get to know one another, certain feelings develop. Will this relationship that came about because of COVID terminate when the pandemic comes to an end? (ifva Festival 2023)

True Lights by Yeung Wing-k, Zhou Tsz-wun, Wong Zing-ting Cecilia – Hong Kong | 8 minutes

The True Lights singing competition that was cancelled due to the pandemic is finally resumed. The protagonists have made a promise to take part in the competition, but Tsz-yan is under pressure from her friends’ expectations, school, and family, and has a difference of opinion with Yu-ching. Among chasing, giving up and being arranged, what is the real choice? (ifva Festival 2023)

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