24th Black Movie International Independent Film Festival – Asian Presence 2023

We present the Asian films that will be screened at the Black Movie International Independent Film Festival which will take place from January 20 – 29, 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Aloners by Hong Sung-eun – Korea | 2021 – 90 minutes

Jina is a solitary and withdrawn young woman, grieving for her recently deceased mother. She reduces contacts and refuses to talk to her father and her new neighbour. When she has to train a new, exuberant employee, she feels invaded and tries to preserve her living space. One day, her neighbour doesn’t show signs of life anymore. (BlackMovie 2023)


Children of the Mist by Ha Le Diem – Vietnam | 2021 – 92 minutes

Di is a 13-year-old girl who lives in a village in the misty mountains of northern Vietnam, dividing her time between school and work in the fields. During the Lunar New Year and according to Hmong tradition, young men forcibly abduct young girls in order to marry them. (BlackMovie 2023)


Farewell, My Hometown by Wang Erzhuo – China | 2021 – 89 minutes

Three women from different generations are filmed at a turning point in their lives. Whatever their age, they have all lost something along the way and put their dreams on hold. The harshness of life, the death of a child, the illusion of modern life, loneliness, the sacrifice of parents… (BlackMovie 2023)


Love Life by Koji Fukada – Japan | 2022 – 123 minutes

Taeko has married Jiro, already the mother of a small child. This peaceful stepfamily quickly reveals the cracks in their existence when a brutal accident occurs. The machine goes haywire and the seemingly idyllic family picture slides into a succession of micro-events that move all the characters on the chessboard of marital and family relationships. (BlackMovie 2023)


Next Sohee by July Jung – Korea | 2022 – 134 minutes

Kim, an ambitious young girl, is happy when she is offered her first internship at a company during her school years. But the pyramidal machine is inexorably crushing her… An investigator seeks to understand corporate suicides and traces the source of responsibility. (BlackMovie 2023)


Parallel by Daiki Tanaka – Japan | 2021 – 84 minutes

A young man who practices cosplay saves Mai, who was abused as a child by her parents. 10 years later, while fighting a man who attacks her, a cosplayer observes her. It’s love at first sight. Mai and the young man slowly grow closer, both tormented by a dark past, while a serial killer in disguise plagues the area… (BlackMovie 2023)


Shari by Nao Yoshigai – Japan | 2021 – 63 minutes

Rare and wild animals coexist with the occupants of the Shiretoko Peninsula in northern Japan. During the winter of 2020, there is very little snow, which is a concern. While the inhabitants go about their business, a red creature appears. (BlackMovie 2023)


Shivamma by Jaishankar Aryar – India | 2022 – 104 minutes

A company that sells a miracle product hires an illiterate and poor mother in a provincial village. She invests everything, especially money she does not have, to help her family. With the money she is supposed to recover she hopes to cure her husband and help her daughter get married. Through her adventure with the miracle product she is trying to sell everywhere, a whole part of traditional Indian culture is revealed. (BlackMovie 2023)


Stone Turtle by Woo Ming Jin – Malaysia, Indonesia | Malaysia, Indonesia | 2022 – 91 minutes

Zahara, a refugee, lives with her niece on a small isolated island in Malaysia. A scientist arrives to observe some very rare turtles and do some research. From then on, the day starts again in a time loop, and we learn little by little about the dramas that mark out Zahara’s journey. (BlackMovie 2023)


The Novelist’s Film by Hong Sangsoo – Korea | 2022 – 92 minutes

A writer in need of inspiration meets an old bookseller friend, a filmmaker acquaintance and finally a young actress, and these encounters are the trigger for launching a new project… (BlackMovie 2023)


The Sales Girl by Janchivdorj Sengedorj – Mongolia | 2022 – 123 minutes

Saruul is a very discreet student who finds herself working in a sex shop. On this occasion she meets Katya, the owner of the shop, a rich and sultry fifty-year-old woman. Then begins a push-pull between the two women that have nothing in common. Katya talks about age, sexuality, loneliness and the need to please oneself, while the serious Sanuul softens and gains some levity. (BlackMovie 2023)


The Wind Will Say by Renai Wei Yongyao – Malaysia, China | 2022 – 93 minutes

Chen, a divorced father, welcomes his daughter Icy back from England. On the way from the airport, Icy loses her suitcase and her partner gets beaten up. The one who is most motivated to do justice is Chen… Taking up the cause of his daughter and son-in-law, he finds himself embroiled in an endless day, crossing paths with Mafiosi of every stripe. (BlackMovie 2023)


The Zen Diary by Yuji Nakae – Japan | 2022 – 111 minutes

The elderly writer Tsutomu lives alone in a cottage. He collects mountain plants and cultivates his vegetable fields. At the same time, he is writing a book on cooking. The seasons pass slowly. When his mother-in-law dies and he has a heart attack, he decides to face his fear of death… (BlackMovie 2023)


Walk Up by Hong Sangsoo – Korea | 2022 – 97 minutes

A filmmaker visits a former interior designer friend with her daughter, who wants to work in this area. She proudly shows them her house and talks about some of her tenants. While the architect and her daughter drink bottle upon bottle of wine and talk open-heartedly to each other, the filmmaker disappears. When he returns, he takes on the role of one of the other tenants. (BlackMovie 2023)


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