Call for Entry

24th San Diego Asian Film Festival – Call for Entry 2023

Dear Asian filmmakers, the San Diego Asian Film Festival (United States) is accepting short films until June 23, and feature films until July 14, 2023.

About the festival:
Since 2000, the San Diego Asian Film Festival has been one of the premier platforms for Asian American cinema and has grown into the largest showcase of Asian and Pacific Islander cinema in the western United States. The festival is borne out of the love for independent film and the desire to showcase the diverse Pan Asian experience through film and other arts.

– Films/videos entered into competition must be directed or principally acted by an artist of Asian or Pacific Islander descent, or contain subject matter relating to Asian or Pacific Islander cultures or communities. Clarify questions of eligibility prior to submission of entry.
– The Festival accepts the following genres; narrative, documentary, and experimental.
– Short Films must have less than 40 minutes, and feature films must have more than 40 minutes.
– Films must have been completed after August 1, 2022. For feature-length films, the date of first public premiere (if any) must be after October 1, 2022.
– Feature length entries cannot have been previously exhibited in San Diego at another film festival or commercial venue, or be available for broadcast, home video, or online for American audiences, before Nov. 20, 2023.
– Non-English dialogue must be subtitled in English.
– Films/videos cannot be re-entered into competition if previously rejected by the San Diego Asian Film Festival.
– Short films previously exhibited on the Internet are eligible for entry.
Submission Fees and Deadlines:

Notification Date: July 31, 2023

We recommend filmmakers to read the full Rules and Regulations here: (This is also the submission link)

We remind readers that the San Diego Asian Film Festival will take place from November 2 – 11, 2023 in San Diego, CA, United States.

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