22nd Kaohsiung Film Festival – Opening Films

Marriage No.1314” by Cheng Wen-tang, and “Untold Herstory“ by Zero Chou will open the Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan) which will take place from October 14 – 30, 2022.

Marriage No.1314 by Cheng Wen-tang – Taiwan | 2022 – 99 minutes

In Mandarin, the number 1314 is a numeronym that means “for the rest of my life”.
Li Guo-hua, a dentist based in Taiwan, works to support his family living far away in the UK. One day, he unexpectedly shuts down his dentist clinic as a means to force his wife to return to Taiwan with their children. However, after many years of separation, Guo-hua finally realizes that under the family union and the perfect marriage he’s been pursuing his whole life lies the irreconcilable differences between him and his estranged wife. (KFF 2022)

Untold Herstory by Zero Chou – Taiwan | 2022 – 112 minutes

In 1953, Yu Hsing-hui, an innocent high school student, is inexplicably sentenced as a “thought criminal” and sent to Green Island for rehabilitation. There, she endures bullying and snitching, but also bonds with other prisoners struggling to survive. When the authorities launch draconian rehabilitation measures in the prison, the women decide to fight back. But just when they think the resistance is successful and the light of freedom is near, an even more forceful purge befalls them… (KFF 2022)

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