20 Short Films you shouldn’t miss at the 18th Seoul Independent Animation Festival – Indie-AniFest

These are twenty short films you shouldn’t miss at the Seoul Independent Animation FestivalIndie-AniFest, which will take place from September 22 – 27, 2022 in Seoul, Korea.

– Short Films –

6mm wave by Jeong Seungho – Korea | 2021 – 6 minutes
Section: Korean Panorama

A person discovers a camcorder while going through belongings. When the camcorder is played, someone that they have missed appears. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

A Dog Under Bridge by Rehoo Tang – China | 2022 – 13 minutes
Section: ASIA ROAD 4

I’m a dog, who lives in the park under a bridge. Awooooooooo~. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

AMEN A MAN by Kim Kyeongbae – Korea | 2022 – 13 minutes
Section: Independent Walk 3

The old man is at trial for the murder of a mountain bird. To examine the case, the judge peers into the old man’s memory. A little boy is acting out the Swallow in the Christian play, [Happy Prince]. He feels the little Swallow is being mistreated, but no one seems to notice. He begins to panic amidst the skeptical, judgmental crowd. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

Anxious Body by Yoriko Mizushiri – Japan, France | 2021 – 6 minutes
Section: ASIA ROAD 4

Living things, artificial things, geometry shapes, and lines. When these different things encounter, a new direction is born. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

Bird in the Peninsula by Atsushi Wada – Japan, France | 2022 – 16 minutes
Sectiom: ASIA ROAD 3

Children are dancing on the music under the supervision of their teacher. A young lady witnesses the scene and disrupts their rituals. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

Boy with Stars by Lee Yun-ji – Korea | 2022 – 17 minutes
Section: Independent Walk 1

Gyeol the water carrier lives with his grandfather and an old dog in a small house in the middle of the mountain. One day, he meets a lost girl named Bana who was brought by his grandfather. Gyeol and Bana become a family. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket by Yoko Yuki – Japan | 2022 – 6 minutes
Section: ASIA ROAD 1

When it shrinks, it expands. It floats and it sinks. It separates but connects. When I think I’m watching them, they’re actually watching me. A charming animation rhyme that weaves together the many days of observing, recording, and experimenting. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

Iizuna Fair by Sumito Sakakibara – Japan | 2021 – 12 minutes
Section: ASIA ROAD 3

In the midst of the frenzy night a man finds himself lost in the crevasse of time. It was not the grotesque beings nor the monsters, but it was he who “was here, but wasn’t here”. He was the phantom. Buried under memories full of inhibition and promises that never kept – words washed up on the shore – time keeps him at a distance from the “place”. And he hears poems coming on the waves from the other side ryhming and lapping against the shore. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

Look Back by Jeong Hyojung, Shin Juyoung – Korea | 2020 – 7 minutes
Section: First Flight 2

Myung-Ja hears of the passing away of her hometown friend Ok-sun, whom she had lost contact with a long time ago. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

Lullaby by Dilshat Rakhmatullin – Kazakhstan | 2021 – 13 minutes
Section: ASIA ROAD 1

A young family lives in a mountainous area near a small lake. Their baby is sick. Nothing helps. The father prays to the gods, tying ribbons to the sacred tree. He invites baksy to the house. Baksy discovers an evil spirit that strangles the life force from the child. He fights against the dark forces, but he defeats, and the exhausted baksy leaves their house, letting the helpless parents alone in their misfortune and misery. At night, the desperate mother goes to the lake and begs the great Umai Ana for help. With the rays of moonlight, the goddess of motherhood and family hearth appears in the yurt. There starts a fierce battle between good and evil for the life of a child. An ancient lullaby, intertwoven with ancient prayers, runs like a red thread through the entire film. It is the last thing the parents cling to hope in their hearts, and it becomes a hymn of victory over evil, light over darkness, and life over death. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

NALSUM by Jeon Soeun – Korea | 2022 – 5 minutes
Section: First Flight 2

It’s the story of individuals being forced by groups during the process of belonging to a group. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

Persona by Moon Sujin – Korea | 2022 – 7 minutes
Section: First Flight 1

The process of being encroached by the persona. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

Puppet Story by Park Sehong – Korea | 2022 – 15 minutes
Section: Independent Walk 3

Director Park and his Stop Motion Puppets.
Lady Fairy, Woodcutter and Monster’s Story. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

Sensor Ship by Yoon Jina – Korea | 2021 – 2 minutes
Section: Independent Walk 2

The voyage of Sensor Ship. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

The House of Loss by Jeon Jinkyu – Korea, Japan | 2022 – 10 minutes
Section: Independent Walk 1

The elderly at the nursing home have their heads shaved. The protagonist who works there sees them but can’t read their expressions. However, from one instance, he finds himself looking closely at their faces. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

The Mischievous Pants by BADISLAND – Korea | 2022 – 4 minutes
Section: First Flight 1

We might meet her wearing plain pants in one of those ordinary places that we pass by without a thought. With her devilish charm, she enraptures men with their own imagination. Such a man discovers his own hidden nature. He has thoughts that are permitted only in his imagination. But even in his imagination, he faces resistance. He realizes that he can’t take everything he wants. He wakes up from his dream and meets her, but he soon gives up, fearing heartbreak. He never realizes that she is thinking the same thing about him. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

The Sea on the Day When the Magic Returns by Han Jiwon – Korea | 2022 – 24 minutes
Section: Independent Walk 2

Sejin once had the power to have anything she wanted just by thinking about it. But now she has lost her magic. Perhaps it disappeared because she couldn’t think of what she wanted. Six hours before her interview to be a tourist interpreter, Sejin heads to the weary sea to save her father. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

Things that Disappear by Kim Changsoo – Korea | 2022 – 11 minutes
Section: Independent Walk 2

The story of an elderly person living alone in a redevelopment area holding a funeral for a dead cat on the street. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

UNIQUE TIME by Oh Yu-jin – Korea | 2022 – 17 minutes
Section: Independent Walk 1

In the society of the future, androids have replaced human beings. An unknown error occurs to J-204 who works as a substitute android. Suspected of being defective, J-204 meets someone who is curious about the error. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

Wish by Park Sunyoung – Korea | 2021 – 4 minutes
Section: First Flight 1

An old man goes to a place that has memories with his wife and walks down memory lane. (Indie-AniFest 2022)

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