ATF 2021 | ScreenSingapore – Finalists

These are fifteen projects selected for the ScreenSingapore 2021, Southeast Asia’s definitive marketplace for filmmakers, producers, distributors, financiers and film buyers to explore co-production opportunities, seek financing, make deals and stay abreast of the evolving film landscape.

In partnership with Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA) and Ties That Bind: Asia/Europe Producers Workshop (TTB), ScreenSingapore provides an exclusive opportunity to connect promising filmmakers and producers from Southeast Asia and Europe with international collaborating partners, festival programmers, distributors and investors.

15 projects, now across all genres and formats, will be selected by a panel to be featured at the SEASCREEN Project Market. Selected projects will stand a chance to win prizes at the end of the SEASCREEN Project Market.

Behind Closed Doors
Country / Region: Vietnam/ India
Format: Series, 6 Episode x 25-Mins
Genre: Thriller
Producer: Shiuli Mukherji
Director: Janet Ngo/ Riddhiman/Abhisekh
Writer: Shiuli, Abhisekh, Arak, Prasanjeet
Language: English

An Anthology Series of six stories which highlights the modern technology that has become a total phenomenon for civilization. The defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activities.

Blood Flower
Country / Region: Singapore
Format: Film, 100mins
Genre: Horror/ Mystery
Producer: Dolly Tay
Director: Stanley Soh
Writer: Stanley Soh
Language: Mandarin, English, Chinese dialects

A documentary crew is working on a video feature with Singapore’s oldest Chinese Opera troupe. In the lead-up to the opening night of the Hungry Ghost Festival, a discovery of ghostly hauntings and a mysterious gruesome murder within throws the opera troupe into disarray as they try to uncover the truth that span 20 years. Is the opera a dying art?

Country / Region: Singapore
Formats: Film, 100mins
Genre: Horror / Comedy
Producer: Ho Pak Kin
Director: Remi M Sali
Writer: Remi M Sali
Language: English, Mandarin, Tamil, Malay

Two veteran ghostcatchers – a Chinese Taoist priest and a Malay ‘bomoh’ (traditional healer) – try to recruit an unwilling young Indian medium to capture local ghosts in Singapore

Cursed Circus, sweet vengeance of a tale teller (Horror Keliling)
Country / Region: Indonesia
Format: Film
Genre: Horror
Producer: Susanti Dewi
Director: Fajar Nugros
Writer: Deo Mahameru
Language: Indonesian, Javanese

Set in 1970s rural areas, Jarno is a stage crew who’s working for a successful traditional theatre company that is well known for their roadshows from village to village. As a stage crew, Jarno is often mistreated and underestimated by Arjuna, the biggest star who’s also the owner of the company. Even so, Jarno is still obsessed with becoming a star just like Arjuna.

One day, Jarno got his opportunity to act on one of the shows. Unfortunately, Jarno’s performance is a complete failure, and it sparked a riot which caused him to be beaten by the villagers. After that incident, Jarno decided to leave the group and start traveling alone to pursue his career of becoming a stage star. During his travel, Jarno met Supri, an opportunist who’s interested in Jarno’s storytelling talent. Supri offered to work together to earn money by becoming a traveling horror storyteller. In each performance, Supri slowly realizes that all of Jarno’s scary stories have come true.

As he becomes more successful Jarno slowly learns the origin of his powers, as well as learns about his dark past that he has long wanted to forget. However, Jarno’s new mysterious power actually leads him to take revenge on anyone who has humiliated him in the past. Not only against individuals, Jarno’s revenge also targets the sugar factory monopoly system which has undermined the small people for years and its savagery that has destroyed the Jarno family in the past.

Dead Boy
Country / Region: Philippines
Format: Series, 16 Episodes x 25-Mins
Genre: Fantasy, Animation, Series
Producer: Danzen Santos Katanyag
Director: Jules Katanyag
Writer: Jules Katanyag
Language: Filipino and English

Deadboy is the story of a loser everyman who is accidentally turned into a zombie-golem by a young witch who wants to use him as a weapon in her vendetta against a secret organization of evil sorcerers and tropical demons.

Dirty Datuk
Country / Region: Malaysia
Format: Series, 10 episodes
Genre: Crime-mystery
Producer: Matthew Durai
Director: Abimanyu
Writer: Terence Toh
Language: English

A Datuk is a title bestowed to certain prominent individuals in Malaysia

A Dirty Datuk is a subset of that group who abuse their position of power for personal gain to the detriment of the masses

A Datuk is discovered dead with his head chopped off. An eccentric investigator and an obstinate detective are paired to investigate the mysterious case and uncover disturbing truths that put them in harm’s way

Ella Arcangel: Ballad of tooth and claw
Country / Region: Philippines
Format: Film, 80mins
Genre: Urban Fantsy / Supernatural
Producer: Emmanuel Angeles, Avid Liongoren
Director: Mervin Malonzo
Writer: Julis Villanueva
Language: Filipino and English

A little girl from the slums of Manila battles supernatural entities in the midst of the government’s drug war making her question who the real monsters are.

A talking cat visits Ella one night to enlist her help in catching a monster that’s been feasting on the neighborhood’s cat population. After finding out that this monster saved a girl from being killed by corrupt policemen, Ella decides not to kill it. However, another encounter with the police enrages the monster making it a bigger threat to the people.

Free Kick
Country / Region: Taiwan-SEAsia
Format: Film
Genre: Fiction: Drama-sports
Producer: Hsu Jui-Hsi
Director: Chan Hon Yan
Writer: Hsu Jui-Hsi
Language: Mandarin, Indonesian, Vietnamese

A free kick goal over the wall united the nostalgia souls.

Narey: Keeper of tales
Country / Region: Malaysia
Format: Series, 2D animated TV series (13 episodes, 30 minutes per episode)
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Family-friendly
Producer: Maurice Renay
Director: Abigail Asrina, Maurice Renay
Writer: Joel Kyle
Language: English, Sarawak Malay, Sarawak native dialects

Set in 19th Century Borneo, a girl goes on a quest to restore the magic of the forest by seeking the mystical “Pengaroh” charm, guarded by a great Nabau spirit.

Country / Region: Singapore
Format: Series, 5 episodes
Genre: Coming of age, Comedy, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Sci-fi animation
Director: Ang Geck Geck, Priscilla
Writer: Gina Chew
Language: English

Women are made to bleed month after month. But this endless cycle of pain is also whatmakes us stronger, and what gives us our stories – Stories of growth, of discovery, pain, loss, acceptance and rebirth.

In O! we tell the stories behind why women bleed. We want to normalize women getting their periods, debunk myths about menstruation, and raise awareness about women who are facing stigma because of their periods. With 5 episodes set across 5 different countries, each episode revolves around a different genre, and a character of different ethnicity, as we explore current and important social issues, from a variety of perspectives, each tied to a newsworthy article. The episodes will be linked through the characters, with each episode fleshing out their relationships with their bodies, their reproductive systems, their “womanhood” and the people around them. Every episode expands the universe further, as the characters are connected through their narratives, across time and space. Their stories will intertwine and collide in small and big ways.

Country / Region: Philippines
Format: Film
Genre: Coming of age, LGBTQIA+, Drama
Producer: Geo Lomuntad
Director: Samantha Lee
Writer: Natts Jadaone
Language: English, Filipino

An awkward 6-footer teen is forced to learn and play volleyball half-heartedly when the Catholic school she transferred to did not have a basketball team. Everything changes when she encounters the star player of their rival school, making her question if she wants to be like her, or be with her.

A female-centric film hinged on a well – loved sport, ROOKIE explores the sens itive yet timely i s sues of gender inequality, mi sogyny, and the objectification of women in male-dominated spaces . It shows how empowering and educating girl s of their right s early on teaches them that banding together against sexist men can turn the most terrifying moments into brave decisions .

Secrets of Asia
Country / Region: Germany-SEAsia
Format: Series, 3 Episodes x 45-Mins
Genre: People, Places
Producer: Alexandra Böhm
Director: Martin Schacht
Writer: Martin Schacht
Language: Germany, English, French

Fascinating protagonists give us an intimate insight into the most impressive cultures and breathtaking landscapes of Southeast Asia. Come with us on this impressive journey in: SECRET OF ASIA.

Spicy Adobo and Stinky Tofu
Country / Region: Taiwan-Philippines
Format: Series, 10 Episodes x 30-Mins
Genre: LGBT+, Romance, Comedy, Drama
Producer: Ruel S. Bayani
Director: Wilfredo C. Manalang
Writer: Wilfredo C. Manalang
Language: English, Filipino, Chinese

When a Filipino overseas worker in Taiwan loses his job and transforms his passion for food into a business, he stirs up unexpected flavors of romance with his favorite customer that leaves a bitter aftertaste with his best friend.

Jet, a Filipino worker in Taiwan, loses his job. To make ends meet, he starts a business delivering home-cooked meals to coworkers. A mishap at a food festival places Jet in debt and uncertainty. His roommate Miggy introduces his Taiwanese friends, tech genius Su-Wei and her best bud Ting. Together they launch a food delivery app, JetSetGo, to market Jet’s dishes.

Sparks fly between Jet and Ting, leaving them confused about their preferences. At the app’s launch, they share an accidental but passionate kiss. Things get complicated when Miggy and Su-Wei learn of the simmering romance, sparking jealousy and betrayal between friendships.

Giving romance a shot, will their happy ending begin here? Or will Ting’s secret identity as the son of a powerful CEO in Taiwan tear them apart?

Country / Region: Indonesia
Format: Film, Feature Length x 90-Mins – TV 1-hour (52min)
Genre: Documentary (Observational)
Producer: Nick Calpakdjian
Director: Ismail Fahmi Lubis
Writer: Ismail Fahmi Lubis
Language: Indonesia, Hakka Chinese

When Ahen’s eldest brother finds himself unable to wield a powerful spirit bestowed upon him, he is found hanging in a local mental asylum. Ahen faces the fact that the God’s have now chosen him as the family’s spiritual leader.

The Witch Doctor
Country / Region: New Zealand-Philippines
Formats: Series, 6 Episodes x Commercial hours
Genre: Thriller supernatural
Producer: Hweiling Ow, Morgan Leigh Stewart
Director: Mia Maramara
Writer: Hweiling Ow, Mia Maramara, Peter Haynes
Language: English

When a young kid Kiwi-Filipino doctor arrives at a small town clinic, she lands herself in the middle of a gory, supernatural investigation.

It takes a village to hide a crime.

The dramatic world of The Witch Doctor is inspired by shows like Mare of Easttown and Broadchurch, where crime and community are intimately connected, and adds twists and turns through the supernatural similar to German series Dark.

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