58th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival – Awards 2021

These are the winners of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival which took place from November 11th – 28th, in Taipei, Taiwan.

Best Narrative Feature

The Falls by Chung Mong-hong – Taiwan | 2021 – 129 minutes

When a classmate tests positive for COVID-19, Xiao Jing begins home quarantine. Her mother, Pin-wen, is asked to take a leave of absence. Confined together, the already thorny mother-daughter relationship becomes strained. Soon, Pin-wen is hospitalized with a psychotic disorder. Mental illness causes their lives to swerve in unexpected directions, and yet it also untangles the threads twisted around their hearts.


Best Documentary Feature

Revolution of Our Times by Kiwi Chow – Hong Kong | 2021 – 152 minutes

In 2019, the introduction of the extradition bill in Hong Kong has turned the city into a battlefield against the Chinese authoritarian rule. Kiwi Chow made this documentary as a historical record of the movement and personal accounts of the Hongkongers on the front line. The film is not only about the battle of Hongkongers but also the struggles of freedom lovers against dictatorships around the world.


Best Live Action Short Film

Good Day by Zhang Zhi-teng – Taiwan | 2021 – 19 minutes

Chia-chen’s wife kicks him out as they are getting a divorce. One day, he sneaks back home to get his golf set when Typhoon Yong-ching, which happens to have the same name as his wife, is approaching…


Best Documentary Short Film

In Their Teens by Lin Yu-en – Taiwan | 2020 – 40 minutes

A group of young people from the rural area of Yunlin are desperate to turn their lives around. They started working and having their own families much earlier than their urban counterparts. One wonders if their next generation will follow suit.


Best Animated Short Film

The Magical Tracing by Wu De-chuen – Taiwan | 2021 – 13 minutes

Grandma asks herself, “Why do people live so long?” The next day Grandma disappears. Her grandson and the shoe repairer are frightened and start looking for her. It turns out that Grandma joins a religious procession to express her gratitude.


Best Director

Clara Law for Drifting Petals – Australia | 2021 – 110 minutes

The filmmaker first met Jeff in Australia and took him to see “the Walls of China”. She sees him again three years later in Hong Kong. The filmmaker goes back to her hometown Macao and meets a teenager who looks so much like her long-lost big brother. The stories of these two people merge as they each search for something that are disappearing in the cities they love.


Best Leading Actress

Alyssa Chia for The Falls (dir. Chung Mong-hong) – Taiwan | 2021 – 129 minutes

Best Supporting Actress

Wang Yu-xuan for Goddamned Asura (dir. Lou Yi-an) – Taiwan | 2021 – 114 minutes

On his 18th birthday, Jan Wen shoots randomly at the crowds in a night market for unknown reasons. The tragic incident causes a strong impact on the lives of his family and friends, the victims and the witnesses. However, if there was a chance for them to make different choices, would the tragedy still happen? Will it be a different outcome if they all changed their behaviour at the crucial moment?


Best Leading Actor

Chang Chen for The Soul (dir. Cheng Wei-hao) – Taiwan | 2021 – 130 minutes

A well-known entrepreneur Wang Shi-cong was found slaughtered at home. Prosecutor Liang Wen-chao and CIB officer A-bao have discovered during the investigation that every suspect, such as the victim’s business partner Dr. Wan, the victim and his ex-wife’s son Wang Tian-you, the victim’s young wife Li Yan and even the victim’s ex-wife, is connected with one another in complex relationships…


Best Supporting Actor

Liu Kuan-ting for Treat or Trick – Taiwan | 2021 – 106 minutes

In a police raid led by dirty cop Feng, Feng’s buddy Chiang gets an idea after seeing the offenders’ prized possession. He takes the diamonds and flees into a distant village. Feng has no choice but to retrieve the diamonds in 48 hours. Chiang’s mobile phone signal guides Feng to the village. Amidst this chaotic situation, a ghost shows up… Can Feng discover the truth and get his buddy back?


Best New Director

Fiona Roan Feng-I for American Girl – Taiwan | 2021 – 101 minutes

Winter, 2003. Uprooted from Los Angeles when her mother has breast cancer, 13-year-old Fen struggles to adjust to life in Taipei. As Fen navigates her way through school and reconnects with her long-separated father, her turbulent bond with her mother worsens. Fen drifts further away from her mother before her younger sister is misdiagnosed with SARS, pushing Fen and her mother towards a heated, long-gestating confrontation.


Best New Performer

Caitlin Fang for American Girl (Fiona Roan Feng-I) – Taiwan | 2021 – 101 minutes

Best Original Screenplay

Chung Mong-hong, Chang Yaosheng for The Falls (dir. Chung Mong-hong) – Taiwan | 2021 – 129 minutes

Best Adapted Screenplay

Jun Li for Drifting – Hong Kong | 2021 – 113 minutes

Under the flyovers of Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong live a group of down-and-outs. One winter night, the authorities clear all their personal belongings while they are sleeping. Sick of being evicted, Fai and his companions decide to build wooden fences around their living space. Meanwhile, Ms. Ho, a young social worker, helps them take to court to demand compensation for their losses.


Best Cinematography

Giorgos Valsamis for American Girl (Fiona Roan Feng-I) – Taiwan | 2021 – 101 minutes

Best Visual Effects

ArChin Yen for Till We Meet Again (dir. Giddens Ko) – Taiwan | 2021 – 127 minutes

Alan is struck dead by lightning. In the underworld, he has no memory of his previous life. Alan takes on the job of God of love. He teams up with Pinky and brings countless couple together while trying to find out what happened to him with the strong déjà vu he has. Later Alan finds out that his biggest task is to set up the love of his life Mi with someone else…


Best Art Direction

Huang Mei-ching, Liang Shuo-lin, Liao Huei-li for The Soul (dir. Cheng Wei-hao) – Taiwan | 2021 – 130 minutes

Best Makeup & Costume Design

Singing Lin, Hsiao Pai-chen, Liu Hsien-chia for Till We Meet Again (dir. Giddens Ko) – Taiwan | 2021 – 127 minutes

Best Action Cheorography

Chan Man-fai, Chu Ke-feng, Feng Ren-zhi for Nezha (dir. Jem Chen Yi-hsien) – Taiwan | 2021 – 105 minutes

LIONS racing team, which was once famous, loses their driver, Lili, at the beginning of the season. Without any sponsors, the only move the manager could do is trying to find a new sponsor to keep the racing team running. They finally find a sim racing champion, Jack Tu, to join LIONS. Is it possible to save LIONS from the crisis?


Best Original Film Score

Lu Luming for The Falls (dir. Chung Mong-hong) – Taiwan | 2021 – 129 minutes

Best Film Editing

Shieh Meng-ju for The Soul (dir. Cheng Wei-hao) – Taiwan | 2021 – 130 minutes

Best Sound Effects

R.T. Kao, Chu Shih-yi for Till We Meet Again (dir. Giddens Ko) – Taiwan | 2021 – 127 minutes

Audience Choice Award

American Girl by Fiona Roan Feng-I – Taiwan | 2021 – 101 minutes


American Girl by Fiona Roan Feng-I – Taiwan | 2021 – 101 minutes

Best Original Film Song

I Missed You – Lyricist: Eve AI , Composer: Eve AI,  Performer: Eve AI

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year

Frank Chen

Lifetime Achievement Award

Lin Tsan-ting and Tsai Yang-ming

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