16 short films you shouldn’t miss 10th Wathann Film Festival

These are sixteen short films you shouldn’t miss at the 10th Wathann Film Festival which will take place online from October 10th – 18th, 2020.

About the festival:
The Wathann Film Festival (WFF) is the film festival dedicated to independent and non-commercial films in Myanmar. Started by filmmakers and artists in 2011, at the beginning of the country’s transition period to democracy, it has soon become the main platform for exchange and effectively shares artistic expression. The annual festival offers thematic and curated film screenings of local as well as international independent films. It brings the local and international film community together, not just via the film medium but also through participating filmmakers and curators/programmers from other parts of the world. This fosters an exchange of experiences and builds understanding between countries and societies.

Selected Films:

1:30 am Yangon by Wai Yan Soeya, Slyne Mon – Myanmar | 2020 – 8 minutes
Section: Reflecting New Normal

Early morning when everyone is fast asleep, creatures come out to play on these Yangon streets.

A Strange Encounter by Sandi Maung – Myanmar | 2020 – 2 minutes
Section: Emerging Competition

Deep in the ocean, two fish friends, Lou and Jabba goes about their day when one day, they notice a mysterious figure in the horizon descending from the world above. Lou becomes curious as him and Jabba decide to follow the strange creature.

California Dreaming by Sreylin Meas – Cambodia | 2020 – 30 minutes
Section: S-Express Cambodia

Two women from different backgrounds encounter one another at an oceanfront resort.


Discretion by Heinz – Myanmar | 2020 – 11 minutes
Section: Wathann Competition

A young man brings a woman home to have sex. The encounter leads to them questioning their life decisions.

ESCAPE VELOCITY II by Zai Tang – Singapore | 2020 – 10 minutes
Section: S-Express Singapore

Escape Velocity II is a synaesthetic experiment in bringing the ethereal voices of the Singaporean wild to life through animation and sound visualisation. Central to the film is an environmental soundtrack, comprised of slowed down field recordings made between 2013-2016 at Bukit Brown Cemetery, Macritchie Reservoir and the Rail Corridor, three places in Singapore facing ecological impacts due to urban development. The visual element of the work originates from scans of Zai Tang’s hand-drawn visual score from Escape Velocity I, created in response to the sensuous sonic qualities of creatures recorded in each locale. Zai views his practise of drawing sounds as a means of tuning-in and attempting to translate the unique characteristics of their expressions into visual form; a search for different modes of relation built upon listening.


Excuse me, miss, miss, miss by Sonny Calvento – Philippines | 2020 – 30 minutes
Section: S-Express Philippines

Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss is a social satire on the plight of contractual workers in the Philippines.


Friend with benefits Without Benefits by Sorayos Prapapan – Thailand | 2018 – 15 minutes | Section: S-Express Thailand

Nicky is an art school graduate. He requests Koi, one of his best friends, to be the model for his photo shoot in which she has to dress up in a mascot costume

Kachin Reporter by Seint Yamonne Htoo – Myanmar | 2019 – 17 minutes
Section: Wathann Competition

Journalist Yann Aung Htun is determined to give a voice to ordinary people in Kachin State in Myanmar – in spite of ongoing armed conflict. This moving portrait shows how he is affected by his reporting, but also how the space in which he is able to work is shrinking.

MEGURU Goes around Comes around by Thein Dan – Myanmar | 2020 – 30 minutes | Section: Wathann Competition

Megumi woke up from the same nightmare that her sister stepping out in front of the train. A train delay. Unlucky guy. Lazy boy and umbrella girl. People who don’t know each other. Somebody’s tiny action brings the biggest change of somebody’s life.


Mountain Camp by Chit Moe Pio – Myanmar | 2020 – 20 minutes
Section: Watthan Competition

Under the watchful eye of a retired general in the Kayan New Land Army, a group of men and boys from all walks of life, religions and ethnicities in Myanmar get to grips with their addiction at a remote rehab-cum-boot-camp tucked away in the hills of southern Shan State.

Nandar by Mg Bhone – Myanmar | 2020 – 30 minutes
Section: Wathann Competition

Nandar, a hair dresser, is stuck at work during holidays. Struggling with an intense personal problem, she tries to find a possible escape in her next door neighbor.

Passing Moments by Nyi Zaw Htwe – Myanmar | 2020 – 15 minutes
Section: Reflecting New Normal

Life is but a moment. And the trials and tribulations life throws at us are also momentary. All things shall pass, just as they came, in due time.

Peon by Shaiful Yahya, Syaz Zainal, & June Wong – Malaysia | 2020 – 30 minutes
Section: S-Express Malaysia

Based on a true story, Peon is told through a delivery rider’s phone screen. Ding! An order comes in to deliver passports

Return to sender by Htet Aung Lywn – Myanmar | 2020 – 24 minutes
Section: Wathann Competition

A young postboy accidentally reads a letter, and embarks on a mission to make sure the letter is read as it was meant to be. In the process, he meets a young pregnant woman with a lot to say.

Silence (Sunyi) by Raini Singgih – Indonesia | 2018 – 16 minutes
Section: S-Express Indonesia

With the increasing tension of political discussion about human rights violations, the risk is higher for an Indonesian street mime artist, Wanggi.

Twenty Two by Ei Mon Kyaw – Myanmar | 2020 – 14 minutes
Section: Emerging Competition

It is about a hope that a young lady is longing for during the reunion with her colleague.

For more information about the festival and the programme please visit the festival’s website here:

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