7th Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival – Short Films Lineup

ActiveVistaIHRFF2019shortsWe present the short films that will be screened during the 7th Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival which will take place from September 20th – 28th at the UP Film Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines).

We remind readers that the 7th Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival will also take along the 2nd Never Forget Film Festival which will take place at Cinema Centenario during the same dates. For more information about the feature films presented at these festivals please follow the next link: Lineup Feature Films.

Set A – September 23rd (Monday) – Videotheque UP Film Center – 5:00 pm
Set B – September 24th (Tuesday) – Videotheque UP Film Center – 5:00 pm


Si Astri Maka Si Tambulah by Joseph Vincent “Xeph” Suarez
Philippines | 2017 – 18 minutes

Astri is a 16-year old transwoman in a relationship with 17-year old Tambulah. Although it’s an unusual sight at the community where they live, nobody bothers them. Subsisting on the coins people throw at them when they perform their traditional dance at the sea. Everything is perfect except that Sama Bajao traditions and a pact made long ago require Astri to marry a woman she hardly knows.




Aliens Ata by Karl Glenn L. Barit – Philippines | 2017 – 8 minutes

As two brothers try to understand and cope up with loss and separation, they look at the sky for answers. Could it be aliens? This is a film shot entirely with a drone.




Retrospektib by Daryll Jameson N. Apaga

At the height of Martial Law, three teenagers opted to escape the atrocities of the regime. Jay (Julio Garcia) persuaded Boyong (David Paul Farma) and Ramon (Renz Silverio) to travel through time with the help of local quack doctor, Mang Jun (Andres Balano). However, Boyong is hesitant about Jay’s plan on running away.




Palabas by Arjanmar Rebeta – Philippines | 2018 – 17 minutes

A man is talking to his Philippine girlfriend on Skype. The conversation starts out normally, but it eventually turns into a pervasive look into another life. This is shot entirely thru mobile phone.




Kinalimutan Natin Ang Mga Bata by Gilb Baldoza

A short animated film about Martial Law in the Philippines.




Meta-Hegemoniya, Meta-Industriya by Ronaldo Vivo Jr.
Philippines | 2018 – 12 minutes

Just another day in the life of a young man whose ass is used by a cruel syndicate and cult as a dildo mold. Until he accidentally discovers how to make the most out of his abused hole.




Naglalahong Pamana by Lucy Lavirotte, Berna Sastrillo, David Levi, Jerrica Manongdo

Panglima Kenisio Malasan is a traditional leader of a Palaw’an tribe. Through him, the tribe’s tradition is passed on to the next generation—a tradition rooted in the land. But the Panglima wonders how their way of life can endure in the face of relentless encroachment of palm oil plantations. In a poignant dialogue between father and son, the Panglima and his child share fears for the future of their tribe.





Jodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month by Carlo Francisco Manatad
Philippines | 2017 – 13 minutes

Jodilerks, has been quietly and diligently working as a gas station attendant for a very long time. Tonight is her final shift and she has decided to sign off in, quite frankly, outrageous fashion.




Maria by JP Habac – Philippines | 2017 – 11 minutes

When the whole family confronted her 14-year-old daughter of a suspected pregnancy, a 50-year-old woman gives birth to her 22nd child.




Hele ng Maharlika by Norvin Delos Santos – Philippines | 2019

In the midst of an ongoing siege, a reluctant child combatant finds a safe place to pray where he meets a newly orphaned, infidel boy who seeks refuge in the unknown.




Wala kaming pakialam sa demokrasya. Ang gusto namin: pag-ibig, pag-asa at ang kamukha nito by John Torres – Philippines | 2010 – 12 minutes

A couple wakes up and talks about a dream.
Wala kaming pakialam


Babylon by Keith Deligero – Philippines | 2017 – 20 minutes

In a time before mobile phones, postmodern Erinyes come to Barangay Babylonia in order to kill a local dictator. A tricky job, one that causes several fatalities in the process. Strange things occur in this far-off land. Roosters and bags of crisps can talk. Good always has lightning bolts on hand, and Evil only needs to intone a couple words to lull anyone within earshot. In order to find the dictator and complete their mission, two women ally themselves along the way with members of the local opposition. The direction combines elements of splatter and trash cinema, as well as the telenovela, to relate one particular take on the current state of society. (Maike Mia Höhne)



Di ako makatulog kasi wala ka sa tabi ko by Jade Castro
Philippines | 2010 – 5 minutes

Jade the humorist is also Jade the cheesy, campy, and candid hopeless romantic who waxes poetic upon the mere mention of the word love. Also, breakup.


Wasteland by Paolo Villaluna

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