Call for Entry

9th Tokyo Docs 2019 – Call for Projects


The International Documentary Forum “TokyoDocs” is accepting documentary projects in Pre-Production stage, until July 31st, 2019. Here you can find more information about their Call for Project. *Only for Asian Filmmakers or Docs focused on Asian countries*

About TokyoDocs
Tokyo Docs gave its first launch in 2011 as an international co-production forum that introduces exceptional documentary projects to the world. Tokyo Docs 2019 will be its 9th conference. It is now widely known among filmmakers in Japan as well as international documentary professionals and enjoys heightening recognition as an event that attracts high-quality project proposals.

Scope of Entries
The festival is seeking proposals for new documentaries aiming for international co-production. Projects should be proposed at the pre-production stage, but it is also possible to submit proposals that either combine new material with footage that has already been broadcast domestically in the producer’s own country or that rework such films. We remember producers and directors that completed films, or the sale of format rights will NOT be accepted.

Entries of one-off films or series on any valid topic are accepted, including current affairs, social issues, history, natural science and travel (tourism promotion will not be accepted).

ONLY film production companies and individuals who have prior experience of producing television documentaries are eligible to enter.
Filmmakers must be living in Japan or other parts of Asia OR anyone submitting proposals related to Japan or other parts of Asia are eligible to enter.

How to apply?
Complete the official entry form at the Tokyo Docs website (see below). Applications by email or post will NOT be accepted. Be sure to fill out ALL the required information otherwise they will not accept the entry. Please submit your entry in Japanese, English, or both Japanese and English.

Required information and photographic data:
Project Title: As documentaries outside Japan do not typically have a subtitle, please enter a concise title with no subtitle.

Film category (one-off/series), running time

Logline: Within 40 Japanese characters/120 English characters (all character counts in this document include spaces and punctuation)

Synopsis: Within 200 Japanese characters/600 English characters

Detailed Description: Within 600 Japanese characters/1800 English characters

Trailer (supplied/not supplied), trailer URL

Production Budget: Estimated total budget, budget provided by each financing party

Director/Producer Information: Respectively within 120 Japanese characters/360 English characters

Photographic Data: Two photographs related to the film, one portrait photograph each of the director and producer (JPEG files / 200 KB to 6 MB in size)

Selection & Notification Date:
After assessing the entries, the selection committee will choose entries as per the numbers below, and inform the successful applicants before the end of August.

– Around 20 projects will be selected for Pitching Sessions (5 from outside Japan)
– Around 10 projects will be included in the Catalogue without the Pitching Sessions.

Selection Criteria:
Project proposals will be chosen by the Selection Committee, which is made up of members of the Tokyo Docs Organizing Committee, after they confer with overseas producers. The most important criterion is “a high-quality documentary that deserves international distribution”. Selectors will also consider whether the documentary is “a project appropriate for realization through international co-production”.

Pitching Session:
Each filmmaker is given 15 minutes to make their pitch. The first 7 minutes will consist of a presentation made to all attending international and Japanese decision makers. The remaining time will be a question and answer session. During the pitch, a trailer for the project lasting approximately 3 minutes must be shown. The session must be done in English or Japanese, don’t worry simultaneous Japanese-English interpretation will be available.

Tokyo Docs 2019 will invite around 30 decision makers from Japan, Europe, North America and Asia. These will include commissioning editors with responsibility for green lighting projects, producers working for foundations investing in documentary production, video streaming services producers and international documentary distributors.

Submission Deadline:
July 31st, 2019 – 24:00 Japan Time

Registration Fees:
There is no charge for the initial project submission. BUT if a project is selected registration fees must be paid as follow:
– Projects selected for the Pitching Session will be charged Y30,000 | around $ 270 USD
– Projects included in the Catalogue (but not in the Session) will be charged Y20,000 | around $ 180 USD

To read more about the Rules & Regulations and download the Entry Form please follow the next link:

We remind readers that the 9th Tokyo Docs will take place in November 4th – 7th, in Tokyo, Japan.

To see other Call for Entries/Projects please go to our section “Call for Entries”.

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