Projects revealed for the First Cut Lab 2019


The Film Development of the Philippines (FDCP) has announced the eight projects for the First Cut Lab Feature that will take place from April 11th – 17th, 2019.

The First Cut Lab, an international project development and editing lab, is designed to help filmmakers improve their film projects in development and in the post-production stage.

An excellent team of international consultants made up of award-winning producers, screenwriters, script consultants, and film editors from all over the world will be personally mentoring 6 to 8 teams of Filipino directors, producers, and editors during intensive lab sessions that would enhance the final output of their projects.

Projects in Development Stage:
Babae at Baril (The Girl and the Gun) by Rae Red – Producer: Iana Bernardez
Logline: A local department store saleslady has had enough of being an underdog when she finds a gun right on her doorstep one night. Her life drastically changes as she discovers how much power owning a gun can give you.

Dancing the Tide by Xeph Suarez – Produces: Roderick Cabrido and Omar Sortijas
Logline: ASTRI, a 16-year old Sama Badjao transwoman, is forced to leave her long-time boyfriend, TAMBULAH, to marry a woman betrothed to her even before she was born.

Everybody Leaves by Phyllis Grande – Producer: Alemberg Ang
Logline: Set in present Japan, a Japanese-Filipina exchange student spends her last months searching for her father while cleaning the houses of people who died lonely deaths.

Fan Girl by Antoinette Jadaone – Producers: Dan Villegas and Bianca Balbuena
Production Companies: Epicmedia and Project 8 cor. San Joaquin Projects
Logline: An obsessed teenage fan finds herself inside a mansion with her celebrity idol she thought she knew and learns exactly why they say never meet your heroes.

Karaoke News by John Paul Su – Producer: Manet Dayrit
Logline: When a staged karaoke lounge hostage operation goes awry, an investigative journalist must use creative means to unravel and expose the truth.

Purple Sun by Carlo Catu – Producers: April Batican and Bianca Balbuena
Logline: Purple Sun is a love story between two Filipino men and a Japanese woman set in the majestic landscape and unique culture of Japan. It is a film about the cross-cultural understanding between Filipinos and Japanese in regards to love, sex, and their way of living.

Thanatos by E. Del Mundo – Producer: Pamela Reyes
Logline: A troubled teen, Samboy, recruits his best friend to be part of a militia that will massacre 58 people.

The Perilous Odyssey to Mount Gulsuk by Jordan dela Cruz
Producers: Alemberg Ang, Arleen Cuevas, John Badalu and Siege Ledesma
Production Companies: VY/AC Productions and inematografica
Logline: When the life of his pregnant girlfriend is threatened by a mysterious illness, Joseph, a reluctant teenage father-to-be, embarks on a quest to save his beloved. His surreal odyssey begins in the Philippines, transitions to the soul-devouring labor camps of Arabia, and ends at the peak of mythical Mount Gulsuk.

Projects in Post-Production
Hayop Ka! (You Son of B*tch!) by Avid Liongoren – Producers: Joyce Bernal, Piolo Pascual, Erickson Raymundo and E. Del Mundo.
Production Company: Rocketsheep Studio
Logline: Nimfa the pretty pussycat is a perfume sales kitty at a department store. Her boyfriend, Roger the macho mongrel, is a janitor. Nimfa meets Inigo the bourgeoisie business dog and chemistry ignites! Will Nimfa and Roger’s love keep them together, or will Inigo’s high society charms tear them apart?

John Denver Trending by Arden Rod Condez – Producers: Sheron Dayoc and Sonny Calvento
Production Companies: What If Films Philippines and Southern Lantern Pictures (With Support from Outpost Visual Frontier and Tinker Bulb Productions)
Logline: A 14-year-old farmboy’s life is upended when a video of him brutally attacking a classmate went viral.

There are two more documentaries that will be announce this week so please stay tuned.


*- Information taken from the FDCP official website.

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