Call for Entry

Asian Cinema Fund – Submission Call 2018


The Asian Cinema Fund (ACF), from the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) is accepting submissions for their Script Development Fund, Post-Production Fund and Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund.

The ACF has been an essential partner for Asian cinema with its three supporting categories. The ACF is committed to help activate more independent film productions and to set up a stable production environment. New Asian cinema discovered by the ACF gets to complete into a film through comprehensive support from A to Z and to explore various opportunities through Busan’s family programs such as Asian Film Market and Asian Project Market (APM).

Note: For all the categories Feature-length film project must be made by filmmakers of Asian nationality and containing Asian elements.

Script Development Fund
The Script Development Fund is organized to assist Asian filmmakers in the completion of their scripts. This fund aims to support talented Asian filmmakers, to broaden the quality of film projects being developed in Asia, and to enhance the possibility of the projects eventually being produced. Through this fund scheme, selected projects will be awarded 10 million Korean won (approximately 10,000 USD) each.

Supports: Feature-length Fiction Film Scripts
Provides: Cash grant of 10 million KRW (9,400 US$)
Required Materials: Online Application Form, Treatment (5 – 10 pages), and Online link of Previous Works
Deadline: March 20th, 2018 (5:00 pm, GMT +9)


Post-Production Fund


Sea Serpent by Joseph Israel Laban (Philippines)

The Post-Production Fund selects high quality projects ready for post-production and provides a chance to complete the post-production process at state-of-the-art facilities in Korea. This fund covers DI, sound mixing, English subtitle spotting and a D-Cinema package. Extended to real screening in Busan International Film Festival, many projects are achieving fascinating results from all over the world.

Supports: Feature-length Fiction Films shot in Digital Format
Provides: Post production services (DI, Final Sound Mixing, English Subtitle Spotting, DCP) at leading post production studios in South Korea and Round-trip airfare and accommodation in South Korea.
Required Materials: Online Application Form, Final Script, Online link of Rough Cut or Final Cut.
Deadline: April 20th, 2018 (5:00 pm, GMT +9)


Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund.

Dear My Genius

Dear My Genius by Koo Yunjoo (Korea)

The Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund is a loose coalition of film festival organizers committed to supporting the production and distribution of Asian documentaries. Its members collaborate to build and strengthen the network among Asian documentary filmmakers, while the administration and oversight of AND are being managed by BIFF.

Supports: Feature-length Documentary Film Projects for theatrical release.
Provides: Cash grant from 5 – 10 million KRW (4,700 US$ – 9,400 US$) and Invitation to the 23rd BIFF to participate in the AND Program (consulting & networking event).
Required Materials: Online Application Form, Project proposal, and Online link of Demo Reel (max. 20 min.) or Rough Cut.
Deadline: April 20, 2018 (5:00 pm, GMT +9)

For more information please visit the Official Page of the Asian Cinema Fund HERE

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