Asian Film Festivals is now open!


Greetings and welcome to the website that focus exclusively on Asian festivals.

Our main objective is to promote and publish information about film festivals that take place in Asian countries. We will not only focus in competitive but also in small and more independent festivals. So far our database has more than 150 events. The countries we cover are: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China (Hong Kong & Taiwan), India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. We also decided to include Australian and New Zealand despite not been Asian countries.

The website has four main sections:
Database Section; where you will find our complete festival database.
Schedule Section; each month we will publish a colorful schedule of the festivals that are currently taking place.
Call for Entry Section; here you will find which festival is currently accepting submissions.
News Section; here you will find the latest news (such as winners, important news, and program) about the different festivals.

About the Database Section

We have organized it in a way that is easy to navigate and display most important information. You can sort festivals by Country, by Month or by Name. In each of the subsections you will find a chart with the festival names, the city where they take place and the date for 2016. In upcoming updates you will have access to each festival for further information.

festivalsbycountryExample of how the Festival by Country section will look


newslookExample of how the News Section will look like


We like to remind the readers that Asianfilmfestivals is in beta version so you will find that some sections are still under construction and there is missing information so please be patient with us as we finish the website.

Sebastián Nadilo
(Owner of

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