Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival – Asian Presence


Thirty four Asian films will be screen during the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival here is the complete list.

Created in 1983 the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) focus on horror, thriller, and science fiction films. This year the festival will take place from March 29th until April 10th in the city of Brussels (Belgium). This year thirty four Asian movies will be presented during the festival. This year South Korean movies are predominant as there will be thirteen Korean films. Some of the highlights are Baahubali: The Beginning (S.S. Rajamouli), Veteran (Seung-wan Ryoo), Memories of the Sword (Park Heung-sik), TAG (Sion Sono), The Deal (Son Yong-Ho) and The Priests (Jae-hyun Jang).

Asian Movies
Arahan by Ryoo Seung-Wan – South Korea | 2004
Assassination Classroom by Eiichiro Hasumi – Japan | 2015
Assassination Classroom: The Graduation by Eiichiro Hasumi – Japan | 2016
Attack on the Lederhosen Zombies by Dominik Hartl – Australia | 2016
Baahubali: The Beginning by S.S. Rajamouli – India | 2015
Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe by Chuan Lu – China | 2015
Deathgasm by Jason Lei Howden – New Zealand | 2015
Ghost Theater by Hideo Nakata – Japan | 2015
Hahuman VS 7 Ultraman by Sompote Sands, Shohei Tojo- Japan, Thailand | 1974
I am a Hero by Shinsuke Sato – Japan | 2015
Memories of the Sword by Park Heung-sik – South Korea | 2015
Monster Hunt by Raman Hui – Hong Kong | 2015
Ninja the Monster by Ken Ochiai – Japan | 2015
No Blood No Tears by Ryoo Seung-wan – South Korea | 2002
Seoul Station by Yeon Sang-ho – South Korea | 2015
Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal by Peter Pau, Tianyu Zhao – China, Hong Kong, USA | 2015
TAG by Sion Sono – Japan | 2015
The Arti: The Adventure Begins by Huang Wen Chang- Taiwan | 2015
The Beauty Inside by Baek Jong Yeol – South Korea | 2015
The Bride by Lingo Hsieh – Taiwan | 2014
The Deal by Son Yong-Ho – South Korea | 2015
The Exclusive: Beat the devil´s tattoo by Roh Deok – South Korea | 2015
The Laundryman by Chung Lee – Taiwan | 2015
The Phone by Kim Bong-ju – South Korea| 2015
The Piper by Kim Kwang-tae – South Korea | 2015
The Priests by Jae-hyun Jang – South Korea | 2015
The Strange House by Danny Pang Phat – China | 2015
The Tag Along by Wei-hao Cheng – Taiwan | 2015
The Tattooist by Peter Burger – South Korea | 2007
The Unjust by Seung-wan Ryoo – South Korea | 2010
Veteran by Seung-wan Ryoo – South Korea | 2015
The Virgin Psychics by Sion Sono- Japan | 2015
When geek meet serial killer by Remus Kam, Chin Pei-Chen, Eric Cheng – Malaysia, Taiwan, China | 2015
Yakuza Apocalypse by Takashi Miike – Japan | 2015

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