IndieLisboa International Film Festival – Asian Presence 2023

We take a look at the Asian films that will be screened at the IndieLisboa International Film Festival which will take place from April 27 – May 7, 2023 in Lisboa, Portugal

– Feature Films –

Amiko by Yusuke Morii – Japan | 2022 – 104 minutes*

In this film, we spend time getting to know Amiko, a young girl with a way of looking at the world that makes her unique among her schoolmates and even her family — father, mother expecting a new baby and her older brother. However, her frank and somewhat eccentric way of seeing life, resistant to the decorous way of behaving of those who live around her, will bring some challenges when her inner circle is faced with a tragedy. (IndieLisboa 2023)


Garden Sandbox by Yukinori Kurokawa – Japan | 2022 – 70 minutes

A miscommunication between Kitagawa and Sakaguchi leads to our protagonist becoming, quite by chance, the person hired to make a tourist video about the city. This is the first of a series of encounters that will draw further the narrative in a deserted Kawaguchi (Tobako, in the film), where Sakaguchi’s metaphorical disorientation is food for meditation. (IndieLisboa 2023)


in water by Hong Sangsoo – Korea | 2023 – 61 minutes

“I want to find out if I have any creativity in me”. It’s the feeling that echoes in an actor who decides to make a film but is still searching for the story he’s going to tell. He waits for the right light, for the best way to capture the horizon, but it ends up being a conversation that sparks his inspiration. (IndieLisboa 2023)


Shin Ultraman by Shinji Higuchi – Japan | 2022 – 112 minutes

The beloved Japanese character Ultraman from the 1960s (“shin” means new) is reactivated in this film adaptation by the hands of Shin Godzilla’s creators, Shinji Higuchi and Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion), another successful adaptation of iconic Japanese characters. They took the aesthetics of past monster movies with a modern patina and inserted ruminations about politics and human existence, in a film that has merciless fun with the humanoid hero. (IndieLisboa 2023)


– Short Films –

Howling by Aya Kawazoe – Japan | 2022 – 23 minutes*

A surreal and melancholic film that plays with japanese ghost stories and where the characters question whether they are alive or already on another plane of existence. (IndieLisboa 2023)

Tiger Stabs Tiger by Jie Shen – China | 2022 – 22 minutes

A surreal and slow animation, with adult and child figures, made of collisions, touches and tears. (IndieLisboa 2023)

Where do you stand, Tsai Mind-Liang? by Tsai Ming-Liang – Taiwan, France | 2022 – 21 minutes

An initiative of the Pompidou Centre, Tsai Ming-Liang explores confinement, his work and inspiration and the need for a good chair for your back. (IndieLisboa 2023)

*In Competition
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