Call for Entry

20th TIFFCOM – Exhibitor Application 2023

Dear Professionals, the TIFFCOM is accepting applications from exhibitors until May 31, 2023. Don’t waste your time, be part of the leading content market in Asia.

About the festival:
TIFFCOM, the leading content market in Asia is affiliated with Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), the sole international film festival in Japan accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Association.

To date, TIFFCOM has been successfully held 19 times. Featuring a variety of content holders from film, TV, animation etc., the market has been drawing in much interest from influential buyers within Asia and beyond. Each year the number of exhibitors, business negotiations, and the total number of contracts have steadily increased reaching a record high last year, making TIFFCOM the most valued and leading content market to represent Asia.

In recent years, there has also been a rise in the number of exhibit booths that not only handle the sale of completed content but negotiate business opportunities on IP (Intellectual Property) rights and book adaptations. By boosting the number of meetings related to film, animation, game, and other audio-visual contents, TIFFCOM as the marketplace leveraging businesses on visual entertainments will continue to grow and bring more achievements.

Exhibitor Application
Content/Service Category Covered
Film, TV, Animation, Mobile/Internet (OTT, VOD), Home Entertainment (DVD, Blu-ray), Inflight Entertainment, New Media (CG/Digital/VR/AR), Original Story (Novels/Comics)/Book Adaptation/Remake, Character, IP (Intellectual Property), Game, Toy, Event/Concert, Music, Post Production/Translations, Local Culture/Region/Tourism, etc

Exhibiting Options
Multiple booth design packages are provided to respond to each exhibitor’s needs.

To see more information please visit:

Exhibitor Application Deadline:
Early Bird Deadline: May 31 (Wed.), 2023
Final Deadline: July 31 (Mon.), 2023
*Applications will no longer be accepted as soon as available booths become full even before the deadlines.
*Handling Fee of 10,000 JPY may be added to overseas exhibitors (if a payment will be made by international bank transfer).

You can apply to the TIFFCOM here:

For more information about the TIFFCOM please visit:

We remind readers that the 20th TIFFCOM will take place from October 25 – 27, 2023 in the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center HAMAMATSUCHO-KAN in Tokyo, Japan.

To see other Calls please follow the next link: “Call For Entries”.

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