XIX Piling Obrang Vidyo – Programme 2023

We present the programme for the XIX Piling Obrang Vidyo (Philippines) which will take place online from March 14 – 23 on Cinemata and on-site on March 24 at UPFI Film Center – Cine Adarna.

Narrative Films

Alingasngas ng mga Kuliglig by Vahn Leinard Pascual

Forced by his father to become the next folk healer of their town, a boy secretly despises his conventional boring life not until he falls in love with a Tikbalang (A Philippine myth humanoid creature that has a head and hooves of a horse).


Pempem at ang Bomba Magazine by Migs Ruallo

Pempem, a 15-year-old high school student raised in a conservative and religious household suddenly finds an adult magazine inside her school backpack. The discovery of Bomba Magazine aroused Pempem to explore her true self.


Kokuryo: The Untold Story of Bb. Undas 2019 by Diokko Manuel Dionisio

Two best friends tears through the town of Gapan on a midnight searching for the house of the person who stole half of the prize they won in a miss gay competition.


Itom nga Bugas Kanaryo nga Ugat by Leonard Ian Billones

Semestral break, Leanna and Shaine are left in their ancestral house for vacation by their parents, wherein their superstitious grandmother, Lola Helena lives. One afternoon, Shaine meets a mysterious child and followed him inside the forest. Leanna, notices that her sister is missing and went to search in the forest. Will they return as the same children their Grandmother knows?


Documentary Films

Ang Paghahanap kay Dalagang Bukid by Leia Amidala Santos

An attempt to give homage to Don Jose Nepomuceno’s first but lost work Dalagang Bukid.


Balde at Brotsa by Josh Mutia

Recounting their personal struggles with different forms of societal oppression, three artists must find purpose in what they create in order to understand whether or not they should act before the baggage of society falls down on them.


Elehiya para sa mga Memorya by Ryan Miguel Capili

The filmmaker has been taking care of his grandmother with dementia for about 2 years now. As a remembrance of her, he took videos of her from time to time in order to keep her memories for him and her to remember. He filmed her doing mundane things and sometimes, when she’s forgetting something. Despite the uncertainty of the future, he still continues to take care of her and help her remember while her grandmother continues to forget and let go.


The Secret Band of Thebes by Augustine

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, CODY’s nude photos and masturbating videos leaked. Since the photos and videos spread, how was he able to cope?


Experimental Films

Internal Conflicts of a Machine by Bianca Maxine Villanueva at Rei Cordero

A man tries to make sense of his reality, and the daily commotions that send him disarray.


Mind Body by Josh Van Ulric Campo

Heart racing and chest tightening, is he going to die?


People Fade as Colors Do by Josef Edward Tafalla

People and canvases are different in composition—yet very similar. And, just as canvases have artists to fill in the blank canvas in full color, so do people. Unfortunately, with the ever-changing times and the uncertainty of the future, we will never become masterpieces.


Self-Portrait by Daphnee Gail Ferrer

In a series of self-portraits, a young filmmaker presents herself through an art medium that she fell in love with – film. And as the woman commemorates and encourages self-expression in her work, she explores a different way to shoot and show her creation in a technique she’s never done before.


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