15 Short films you shouldn’t miss at the 33rd Singapore International Film Festival

These are fifteen short films you shouldn’t miss at the Singapore International Film Festival which will take place from November 24 until December 4, 2022.

As Quiet as a Cloud by Eva Tang – Singapore | 2022 – 22 minutes

A newspaper editor visits her former teacher, who now cares for his wife with dementia, in this gentle story about the passage of time. (SGIFF 2022)

Breaking News by Jessica Heng – Singapore | 2022 – 23 minutes

18-year-old Eliza is pregnant, and grappling with the prospect of abortion. Through interactions with her family, she contemplates what it means to be a mother, and to be mothered. (SGIFF 2022)


Dikit by Gabriela Serrano – Philippines | 2022 – 16 minutes

A young woman with a monstrous secret desperately longs for a different body. When the new couple in town moves in next door, she sees her chance to finally get one. (SGIFF 2022)


Further and Further Away by Polen Ly – Cambodia | 2022 – 24 minutes

Before a young indigenous Bunong woman and her brother move to the capital, she visits their old village that has since been lost to the development of a hydroelectric dam. (SGIFF 2022)


In the Future, they ate from the finest porcelain by Larissa Sansour, Soren Lind – Palestine, UK, Denmark, Qatar | 2015 – 29 minutes

A resistance group buries porcelain to support future claims to their vanishing lands in this futuristic take on archaeology as historical intervention. (SGIFF 2022)


Into The Violet Belly by Thuy-Han Nguyen-chi, Thuyen Hoa – Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Malta, Denmark | 2022 – 19 minutes

A filmmaker reinterprets migration and diaspora based on her mother’s experience fleeing Vietnam after the end of the American war. (SGIFF 2022)

It’s Raining Frogs Outside by Maria Estela Paiso – Philippines | 2022 – 14 minutes

In this tale of self-reflection, Maya returns to her childhood home where she confronts her past—as frogs rain outside. (SGIFF 2022)


Lay Over by Seth Cheong – Singapore | 2022 – 24 minutes

Meeting again after their breakup four months ago, Daniel and Claudia toy with the idea of getting back together in this tale of ambiguity. (SGIFF 2022)


Mothers by Lim Yuzheng – Singapore | 2022 – 16 minutes

Three generations of women—doting grandmother, harried mother and innocent daughter—negotiate interdependence as well as differing priorities and desires in this restrained observational drama. (SGIFF 2022)


My Human by Vegas Lee – Singapore | 2021 – 14 minutes

A fan ruminates on its existence, that of a man who collects sounds from objects, and climbing temperatures in this idiosyncratic film. (SGIFF 2022)


Seance of the Past by Adelaide Sherry – Singapore | 2022 – 9 minutes

A man spends most of his life mourning the things he lost, unable to move on. He frequents a silent but helpful medium and embarks on a spiritual journey where he lingers among his past lives. (SGIFF 2022)


Seeing in the Dark by Taiki Sakpisit – Thailand | 2021 – 29 minutes

A sensorial, left-field take on Thai political history that moves between a subdued past etched in the landscape of Khao Kho mountain, once a stronghold of communist insurgents, and a dynamic near-present marked by Bangkok’s 2021 anti-government protests. (SGIFF 2022)


Singapore Veal by Sun Koh – Singapore | 2022 – 15 minutes

In a meatless, pandemic-ridden society of extreme inequalities, a meat-obsessed cardboard collector wants a taste of the new groundbreaking meat product—at all costs. (SGIFF 2022)


Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Alvin Lee – Singapore | 2022 – 19 minutes

After a mix-up sends the wrong body to cremation, a darkly humorous series of events plays out between the undertaker and three siblings at their father’s wake. (SGIFF 2022)


Vania on Lima Street by Bayu Prihantoro Filemon – Indonesia | 2022 – 24 minutes

Young Vania faces her fears and finds courage in tumultuous times when she takes in an injured thief seeking refuge in her family’s traditional Chinese medicinal hall. (SGIFF 2022)


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