48th Seoul Independent Film Festival – Opening Film 2022

Again The Wind Blows directed by Kim Tae-il and Ju Ro-mi will open the Seoul Independent Film Festival (Korea) which will take place from December 1 – 9, 2022.

Again The Wind Blows by Kim Tae-il and Ju Ro-mi – Korea | 2022 – 104 minutes

Ha Mun-soon, a peddler at Daein Market in Gwangju, and Park Bok-ja, a Chinese diner owner, watched the 5.18 Uprising. The 5.18 Uprising, which they saw in the field of life, was left with pain and pride. Sli and Neyap, living as a minority tribe in Cambodia, endure hard work, but they are worried about how long they will be able to survive this life. Palestinian women who did not stop their lives in the occupation: Noura and Fatma, who grew old in a refugee camp, watched their children die. How long will this situation last? Will they be able to return home again? No one can say hope. And the Gypsies living in Bosnia: when people divided by religion and ethnicity and made enemies of each other, they did not belong anywhere and were treated as public enemies. Ramiza and Amela calmly talk about the unstable lives of gypsy women who have been subjected to racism for a long time. Meanwhile, the director’s two children have grown from children to young adults in their twenties. The director’s family, Sanggune, and all those women they have met, are going while shaking as if they are somehow similar. (SIFF 2022)

December 1, 2022 | Thursday | CGV Apgujeong 4 | 19:00 pm
December 3, 2022 | Saturday | CGV Apgujeong ART 2 | 12:00 pm
December 8, 2022 | Thursday | CGV Apgujeong 3 | 17:00 pm


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