Two Asian films were awarded at the 29th Oldenburg Film Festival

Aberrance” by Baatar Batsukh won the Audacity Award, and “The Sound of Dreaming” by Kalani Gacon won a Special Mention at the Oldenburg Film Festival which took place from September 14 – 18, 2022 in Oldenburg, Germany.

Audacity Award

Aberrance by Baatar Batsukh – Mongolia | 2022 – 76 minutes

Erkhmee and Selenge arrive at a cabin deep in the Mongolian wilderness to get some rest from the busy life in the city. But there seems to be more to it, as their marriage apparently is in turmoil, with Selenge showing signs of fear and despair, while Erkhmee – though caring – has a hard time keeping his violent temper under control. When a nosy neighbor dares to interfere, he sets in motion a chain reaction that seems barely containable. What starts as a drama about domestic violence soon becomes a maelstrom of fears and constant threat which draws us in with surprising twists while the story rushes towards a dark finale. Baatar Batsukh‘s breathlessly inventive camerawork makes »Aberrance« an unforgettable experience, revealing the state of our time as the best films of its genre do. When we wake from this nightmare, we see ourselves as accomplices to the powerful forces which have caught Erkhmee and Selenge in their net. »Aberrance« is the directorial debut of celebrated cinematographer Baatar Batsukh, whose »The Steed« won Oldenburg‘s Spirit of Cinema Award in 2019. (Oldenburg Film Festival 2022)


Special Mention | Short Films

The Sound of Dreaming by Kalani Gacon – Nepal | 2022 – 28 minutes

On her way to start a new life in Australia, Sonam remembers a trip she had with a ride-sharing motorcycle driver, Bikash, who had been having the same recurring dream as her. As Bikash and Sonam try to find eachother again in Kathmandu, Bikash begins to use his lucid dreams to find her in the real world. But fate has other plans for these travelers – and soul mates. (Oldenburg Film Festival 2022)


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