DMZ Docs Industry – Selected Projects 2022

The DMZ Docs Industry revealed the projects that will participate of the DMZ Docs Pitch sessions and the DMZ Docs Fund.

About the DMZ Docs Industry:
DMZ Docs Industry is the largest Asian documentary project platform that discovers the documentary films in planning and production stages and supports the filmmakers in Korea and other Asian countries. DMZ Docs Industry grows together with the documentarians to offer various customized supports for each production stage.

DMZ Industry Categories:
DMZ Docs Fund that supports documentary projects in development stage with its cash grants.
DMZ Docs Pitch which provides business and networking opportunities to documentary projects in production or rough-cut phase.

DMZ Docs Pitch
Production Pitch – Korea
– 1997 by Tae Jun Sik – Korea
– Colors of the Wind by Lee Yeojin – Korea
– Don by Sun Hobin – Korea
– Grounding by Ma Minji – Korea
– Guest Workers by Lee Sanhah – Korea
– Living Across the Blue Roof by Ahn Soyon – Korea
– Moment of a Star by Jang Hyobong – Korea
– Song from Deaf Butterfly by Hyun Jinsik – Korea

Production Pitch – Asia
– A Woman’s Path by Marjan Khosravi – Iran, Spain
– Devi by Subina Shreshta – UK, Nepal
– Dreams of a Dark Sky by Anmol Tikoo – India
– First Fairytale Book by Abm Nazmul Huda – Bangladesh
– Our Hoolocks by Ragini Nath, Chinmoy Sonowal – India
– Ta-thung: Between Two Worlds by Ismail Fahmi Lubis – Indonesia
– The wild street by Lucy Huang – China
– These Legs Are Made for Walkin’ by Herbert Hunger – Japan

Rough-Cut Presentation – Korea
– A Warm Welcome by Park Marisol – Korea
– My Missing Aunt by Yang Juyeon – Korea

Rough Cut Presentation – Asia
– Al Awda by Jason Soo – Italy, Israel, Palestina, Lebanon
– Close to the bone by Katsuya Okuma – Japan
– Concrete Land by Asmahan Bkerat – Jordan
– Ininnawa: An island calling (Former Title: Rabiah & Mimi) by Arfan Sabran – Indonesia
– Toward Happy Alleys by Sreemoyee Singh – India

DMZ Docs Fund
Development Fund – Korea
– Iron Lady by Lee Ilha – Korea
– Red Diary by Lim Daecheon – Korea
– Knot by Ryu Hyungseok – Korea
– Our Bodie by Lee-kil Bora – Korea, Netherlands
– After Life by Kim Jeongkeun – Korea
– Adulting Time by Lee Heewon – Korea

Development Fund – Asia
– Breaking The Wall by Weichao Xu – China
– The Father, The Son and The Son’s Daughter by Pankaj Johar – India
– Kochkashi by Nazila Ahmadi – Afghanistan
– Magnetic Letters by Demie Dangla – Philippines
– Tens Across the Borders by Sze-wei Chan – Singapore, Philippines
– Virtues in Village by Meng Han – China

Post-Production In-kind Support
– Until the Stone Speak by Kim Kyungman – Korea
– Time of Seeds by Seol Suan – Korea

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