6 Short Films you shouldn’t miss at the 3rd Swedish Korean Film Festival

These are six short films you shouldn’t miss at the 3rd Swedish Korean Film Festival, which is taking place online from August 25 – 28, 2022

– Selected Shorts –

A Silent Night by Kim Boram – Korea | 2020 – 22 minutes

Five sisters gather at the big sister’s house in memory of their late mother. Hyejung, the eldest sister, suggests they send their half brother on a trip to Hawaii for his 70th birthday. But Junghee, the youngest, has a long kept secret to tell. (SKFF 2022)

Bargain by Lee Chung-Hyun – Korea | 2015 – 14 minutes

A man and a virgin school girl get together to have a sexual relationship. He continually bargains a ransom for her. (SKFF 2022)

Hello by Jin Seong-moon – Korea | 2015 – 26 minutes

Joo-young tries to call a friend on her birthday, only to find out that her number is not in use anymore. She spends all day looking for her and learns some things she never knew about her lost friend. Soon, the forgotten memory of that day comes back to her. (SKFF 2022)

Man of National Merit by Park Chan-woo – Korea | 2020 – 33 minutes

The lifelong dream of Yeongchun, a Korean war veteran, is to be buried in the National Cemetery. But the nation he fought for is unwilling to give him that honor. Inspired by a true story from the director’s family. (SKFF 2022)

The Transfer Student by Park Ji-in – Korea | 2015 – 23 minutes

The day just before her transfer. Soo-hyang practices her intonation to hide her origin. (SKFF 2022)

We Have to Love Each Other by Lee Ru-ri – Korea | 2021 – 18 minutes

Jangmunan is a small town by the river. One year after a little girl had drowned in the river, the only middle school in town is about to be closed down. (SKFF 2022)

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