17th Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival – Awards 2022

We present the winners of the Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival, which took place from July 8 to 17, 2022 in Busan, South Korea.

Competition Section Awards – National

Pure Wind Awards

Ready Action! 12 Section

Bad Kid by A Wise Elementary Life(Seokgot Elementary School in Paju city)
South Korea | 2022 – 21 minutes

Miteum does not believe in Santa. The winter vacation soccer special program is coming up, and Miteum, a soccer lover, wants to participate in the program, but he doesn’t have enough money. Miteum tries to get a special program fee by doing a part-time job, but he is rejected because he is too young to be hired. So Miteum decides to sell his things on the street and earns some money. On his way home, as he sees his brother being bullied and called as a bad child for not receiving a gift from Santa, he spends the money to buy a spinning top for his brother. After returning home, the younger brother, believing Miteum was Santa, told Miteum not to give himself a gift, but to give his brother a gift. One day the teacher asks Miteum to stay and have a talk. (BIKY 2022)

Ready Action! 15 Section

Unfortunate Luck by Baek Yul – South Korea | 2021 – 2 minutes

A boy finds a wallet fallen on the ground. He picks it up and he thinks it is his luckiest day. Or might it be the worst day? (BIKY 2022)

Ready Action! 18 Section

My Feelings are WATER by Yu Sung-eun – South Korea | 2021 – 14 minutes

Soo-hyun, a 17 year-old boy, who is shy of showing his feelings in front of others, falls in love with his old childhood friend, and A-rang, a 17 year-old girl, suddenly starts to spout water like a fountain. So he avoids her in fear that she thinks him strange if he spouts water whenever he is in a flutter in front of her. However, that makes their relationship more awkward. (BIKY 2022)

Blue Sky Awards

Ready Action! 12 Section

Class President Election by Kang Mi-seung – South Korea | 2021 – 15 minutes

In class 3 of the 6th grade in the second semester of 2021, a hot campaign is held ahead of the class president election. Meanwhile, due to an unfortunate accident, candidate No. 3 and candidate No. 1 had to be unified to a single candidate, Candidate No.1. Ji-Wan and Seo-Hee, who are the first and second candidates’ secretaries each, participate in the campaign harder than anyone else, but the election gets overheated, with the candidates increasingly focusing on negative attacks in unjust directions. As the war of nerves between the candidates intensifies, the truths hidden behind the election are revealing one by one. What will happen to this election? (BIKY 2022)

Ready Action! 15 Section

Gone with the Wind by Kim Min-seop – South Korea | 2022 – 2 minutes

Juho finds a coin while walking down the street. Being excited, Juho steps on the coin briefly to pick it up. The coin that is stepped on by Juho calls other coins for help. But even the other coins are picked up by Juho, and the coins become a 50,000 won-bill. Juho accidentally blew this bill away while running in excitement, and 50,000 won has gone with the wind. (BIKY 2022)

Ready Action! 18 Section

String by Ryu Seong-hwan – South Korea | 2022 – 17 minutes

At the endless dark dawn, a student writes something and agonizes at his desk. A woman walking in the hallway, is followed by something. A student tied with a string around his wrist takes the test. Suddenly, something is connected to the string. Two men crossing the road, are connected with a string. In the middle of the road, one of the men stops walking and a car runs toward them. (BIKY 2022)

Great Ocean Awards

Ready Action! 12 Section

Repeated Door by Han Ju-heon, Jang Hyo-suk, Leo Lee – South Korea | 2021 – 6 minutes

One day, a child was watching YouTube and coming into the YouTube universe by accident. The boy was trying hard to escape. But ghosts, natural disasters, meteorites, etc. in the YouTube universe prevent him from escaping… (BIKY 2022)

Ready Action! 15 Section

Secret Friend by Kim Gyu-ree – South Korea | 2022 – 19 minutes

15-year-old Haesol is indifferent to everything. On the other hand, Byeolha, her classmate, is active. One day, Byeolha suggested to have a game, called “Manito” (a secret friend game). Haesol picks Byeolha as her secret friend, but she has no intention of participating in the game. A few days later, Haesol finds a letter from her manito, saying “I will give a homework. Find three things you like, I will help you make your life more exciting. (BIKY 2022)

Ready Action! 18 Section

Good Night by Lee Jung-seo, Lee Seo-bin, Yoon Ji-yeon – South Korea | 2022 – 8 minutes

Raindrops fall in a beautiful unknown space, and soon after that, a creature is born. And she, born from the raindrop, sees the shining light from the sky and finds a large hole there. Inside the hole, she finds a doll bullied by a large hand, so she takes it out to her space… (BIKY 2022)

Competition Section Award – International

Magic Film Awards

Ready Action! 12 Section

Zeus by Year 7(Jason Holmes, Malcolm McMahon, Chrisi Tambakakis, Gene Geoffrey, George Ironside) – Australia | 2021 – 6 minutes

A blind man and his loving relationship with his dog is challenged.

Ready Action! 15 Section

The Hole by Piotr Kazmierczak – Poland | 2021 – 3 minutes

A short story about struggling with lack, emptiness, loneliness. (BIKY 2022)

Ready Action! 18 Section

On the Second Floor by Marco Araujo Dolado – Spain | 2021 – 19 minutes

Aurora is an elderly woman who lives alone in an apartment in Madrid. Since her husband passed away, and most of her friends, her only visitor is a small bird. She feels neglected as she looks at all the things that constantly remind her of her past. (BIKY 2022)

Special Awards

Asia Tie-up Award

A Woman who drags a Refrigerator by Kim Gyeong-beom – South Korea | 2022 – 20 minutes

Mi-ok decides to kill herself due to inertia, but her broken refrigerator gets on her nerves. She needs to deal with it as soon as possible. (BIKY 2022)

BUMA Awards

Ready Action 12

Aliktis and Tylandi by Nikos Didimiotis, Alkyone Heliou – Greece | 2021 – 5 minutes

Tylandi travels to the city to meet with the people. (BIKY 2022)

Ready Action 15

Bet on Yourself by Lola Parrilla, Tomás Nebot – Spain | 2021 – 10 minutes

A guy who likes online video games with his friends is attracted to Internet gambling ads. He begins to gamble compulsively and, almost without realizing it, ends up gambling with the financial and emotional stability of his entire family. (BIKY 2022)

Ready Action 18

Revolution by Antonín Korb, Sára Piluchová – Czech Republic | 2021 – 19 minutes

The band The Dog Soldiers (Psí vojáci), efforts to flee the country and the bonds of mutual trust. Two young couples, Ester and Dalibor and Áňa and Marcel, in the midst of historical events. A psychological drama set in the year of 1989 just minutes before the fall of communism in Czech republic. (BIKY 2022)

Heart-On Awards

Feature Film

Last Film Show by Pan Nalin – India, France | 2021 – 111 minutes

Free-spirited SAMAY’s life turns upside down as he passionately falls in love with films. He steals money from his father’s struggling small tea shop, and skips school to watch movies. Samay and his gang passionately begin to create their own 35mm movie of their dreams. Soon Samay’s father discovers his nine-year old son’s ‘immoral’ obsession with the movies and physically punishes him and warns him to stay away from the ‘filthy’ world of films. For Samay it is too late as he is already smitten by the world of movies. Continuing to pursue his obsession with the movie, Samay’s path crosses with FAZAL, the projectionist at the Galaxy Cinema. They strike a deal. Samay will let him eat the delicious food that his mother has lovingly made for him.- in return for Fazal letting him watch movies all day from the projection room. In no time their “food-for-films” deal turns into an endearing long- lasting friendship. Soon however, the unlikely duo will be forced to make heartbreaking choices as an era of change is sweeping through the country — and ultimately their dreams will be altered forever… (BIK 2022)

Short Film

My Daddy is an Alien by Park Ju-hee – South Korea | 2022 – 28 minutes

One day, an Alien daddy came. (BIKY 2022)

Youth Short Film Support Project
Grandpa’s Memento
Legend of the West Wind
Fall in Love
Snails and Frogs

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