25th Film Southasia – Awards 2022

These are the winners of the Film Southasia which took place from April 21 – 24, 2022 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Ram Bahadur Trophy Winner

Longing by Bani Singh | 90’ | India

Against the backdrop of Partition, newly independent India’s first hockey team defeats England, their erstwhile coloniser, to win the Gold at the 1948 London Olympics. Six decades later, when Nandy Singh, a member of this iconic team suffers a stroke at the age of 84, his tenacious will to recover inspires his daughter to go on a journey to discover the champion he was before she was born.

Jury Award

The Big-Headed Boy, Shamans & Samurais by Pooja Gurung and Bibhusan Basnet| 38’ |Nepal, France

A film crew travels across remote villages in Western Nepal looking for the perfect child who can play the ‘Hero’ in their upcoming film.

The Tareque Masud Best Debut Film Award

Into the Sea by Ashish Kumar Nayak| 60’ | India

After the 1999 super cyclone in Odisha, India, fishermen of the coastal area still have their eyes set on the sea for a big haul of fish, while constantly putting themselves at risk amidst hazardous working conditions. Into the Sea provides glimpses into their lives where boat owners and drivers make all the profits even as they struggle to make ends meet, never losing sight of hope and positivity.

Gurkha Girls by Bishal Roka Magar | 35’ | Nepal

As news surfaces that Britain is recruiting Nepali girls in its British Gurkha regiments, Dilmaya, a young girl from a mountain village, sees it as a life changing opportunity and devotes all her time in preparation.

Best film in the student category

Gaine by Pradeep Dhakal | 23’ | Nepal

Everyday in the hills of Bhojpur, Pashuram, an old Gandharva, works in his field. He had been a Gaine, a travelling musician by caste. A man who wandered through towns with his Sarangi, spreading information through song. A journalist of the old days. With time, many Gandharvas have migrated and found new ways to sustain themselves, whereas others still maintain loyalty to their caste, to the occupation, and to the music of their Sarangi.

Best Film in the Children’s Category

Mahalle’s School – Family Going Live by Akshay Ingle | 10’ | India

A total of 320 million learners in India have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that led them to transition to e-learning. The film follows two children of the Mahalle family, both very excited when online school starts, giving them all the freedom and time to explore new things. New problems arise with the new learning platforms and the family has to come together to respond to them.

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