24th Far East Film Festival – Awards 2022

These are the winners of the Udine Far East Film Festival which took place from April 22 – 30, 2022 in Udine, Italy.

Audience Award

Miracle: Letters to the President by Lee Jang-hoon – South Korea | 2021 – 117 minutess

The Korean countryside of the 1980s. The village where student maths prodigy Jun Kyung lives is on the train line – but the trains don’t stop there. Where there’s a will there’s a way, though, and Jun wants a station at any cost, including writing dozens of letters to the president of South Korea. A dramedy that performs the miracle of getting into audience’s hearts and prompting smiles and a few tears.


Return to Dust by Li Ruijun – China | 2022 – 133 minutes

The arranged marriage of Ma and Guiying seems to bring together two solitudes and two social, emotional and affective poverties. But from their union, a solid and precious bond will slowly be forged… The revelation of the Berlin Film Festival tells of love through the silences and peasant rhythms of rural China. A sweet, painful film full of the flavor of the earth and the seasons.


Too Cool to Kill by Xing Wenxiong – China | 2022 – 109 minutes

Eccentric actor Wei is cast as the lead in a gangster movie, but unbeknownst to him it’s all a setup to deceive some very real gangsters and he’ll have to rely on his questionable acting skills for survival. A refreshing, beautiful and surreal parody of everything from Singing in the Rain to every gangster movie John Woo has ever made!


Black Dragon Audience Award

Return to Dust by Li Ruijun – China | 2022 – 133 minutes

MYmovies Award

Kingmaker by Byun Sung-hyun – South Korea | 2022 – 123 minutes

What are the chances of an honest and idealistic politician like Kim Woon-bum democratically bringing down President Park’s dictatorship? We are in 1970s Korea and the electoral campaign is raging. Kim acts according to the strategies of brilliant spin doctor Seo Chang-dae, but when his opponents start playing dirty, the line between “being Machiavellian” and “being ethical” starts to get fuzzy.


White Mulberry Award for first time director

Too Cool to Kill by Xing Wenxiong – China | 2022 – 109 minutes

Best Screenplay Award

Love Nonetheless by Jojo Hideo – Japan | 2022 – 107 minutes

A romantic comedy that’s light years away from the genre’s usual saccharine tropes, Love Nonetheless is an ensemble piece that revolves around 30-yearold Koji’s book shop. All of the characters are in love and their lives are in a mess because of it, starting with Koji’s crush, teenager Misaki. Who will emerge unscathed from this game of unrequited impulses, betrayals and revenge?


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