Call for Entry

18th Mini Film Festival – Call for Entry 2022

The Mini Film Festival (Malaysia) is accepting short films until June 1st, 2022.

About the festival:
Mini Film Festival is the longest-running short film festival in Malaysia annually held by the Cinematography Programme, Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. This ever-flourishing film festival is now stepping into its 18th year with the support of many passionate individuals.

As a means of creative expression that draws heavily from reality, portraying scenarios that reflect the everyday struggles and aspirations of viewers’ lives, the film plays a vital role as a medium of entertainment, information and education and as a catalyst for social change. This is even truer with the impacts brought by the enduring pandemic changing the political-socio-economic dynamics worldwide. The role of filmmakers in interpreting, documenting and discerning the dynamics and changes happening in the time of crisis is undoubtedly needed.

General Rules:
– The films can be directed/ produced by other nationalities, but at least one creative crew of the film has to be Malaysian as a way to encourage international co-production.
– All entries must be in digital format.
– Participants shall select the categories which are suitable for their work(s), i.e. Open Category and/ or Higher Learning Institution Category.
– All films must have been produced in 2020 or after, i.e. 1 Jan 2020 up until the present date.
– Participants may work in groups or submit entries as individuals.
– Only submissions done through either FilmFreeway will be accepted.
– All content that is submitted in the language(s) other than English is required to have English subtitles included.
– The film’s duration (running time includes end credits) accepted is not above 40 minutes.
– No copyrighted materials (music, images, etc.) may be used for this contest unless you own the copyright or have a licence to use the material for this contest. Written permission must be obtained and provided upon request for all copyrighted materials.
Submission Fee: FREE
Deadline: June 1st, 2022
Notification Date: July 13th, 2022

We recommend filmmakers to read the full Rules and Regulations here:

We remind readers that the 18th Mini Film Festival will take place online from July 14th – 17th, 2022 in Kota Samarahan, Malaysia.

To see other Call for Entries please follow the next link: “Call for Entries”.

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