18th Piling Obrang Vidyo – Awards 2022

We present the winners of the Piling Obrang Vidyo that took place from March 12-19, 2022 at MOOV Platform.

– Carla Pulido Ocampo
– Ligaya Villablanca
– Therese Malvar
– Jason Tan Liwag

Best Film

RAMBUTAN by Shayla Claire Perales

A rambutan strolls around and interacts with an orange. The orange goes back to its fruit group with the rambutan and suddenly, the rambutan doubles its number. The rambutan brings chaos to the other oranges for every time they interact with it, they rot. To help out with the chaos, bananas used their capabilities to clear the rambutans but it all was not enough. Some fruits start to cover themselves with plastic for protection but others still die. The spread of rambutan becomes uncontrollable and the rotting of fruits becomes frequent. This leads to other rotten fruits being burnt down to ashes by lansones. Amid this, a banana with a blue dot comes and is able to turn a rambutan into ashes. This led the other fruits to have blue dots on them. The rambutans around the other fruits with blue dots slowly vanish until the last rambutan disappears. With all the fruits getting their blue dots, harmony is brought back.

Best Performance, Best Production Design, Best Direction

Nang Maglublob Ako sa Isang Mangkok ng Liwanag by Jemina Chan

Two friends, Sunshine and Frena, traverse the pandemic through rumination on mundane things. Segmented into 4 poetic parts, the 14-day quarantine period they experience stretches the boundaries of their sanity and self-hood all the while grieving and longing for and with each other.

Best Screenplay, Best Performance, Jury Prize

Pig’s Game by Chris Marithe Bautista

A run-of-the-mill theater actor got involved in a thought-out audition for a government propaganda. A director and his crew led the audition in a conventional manner, meanwhile a famous figure seems to be watching the filmed audition. After being satisfied with what inhumanity was filmed. Deceit and manipulation takes place in a room filled with cigarette smokes, heavy liquor and hard cash joyfully being consumed by the pigs in the pen.

Best Cinematography

Waltz of Qualm by Francisco Tavas

As the teenage girl wanders around the forest, she suddenly finds a broken mirror. Driven by her curiosity, she went to touch it, only to discover the one thing that she had been escaping from all this time – her true self.

Best Editing, Best Sound Design

Salamin by David Edric Collado

A girl living in the darkness, only has a mirror to keep her company. Her life takes an unexpected turn when a burst of light appears before her. Surrounded by voices tormenting her, she sees it as the only way to escape. Despite the uncertainty of what is beyond the light, she takes a peek and sees a world better than what she has. Even if she wants to remain. she is unsafe from the voices that is constantly after her.

Best Music/Original Score

Tara, Laro Tayo! by Ben Francis de Lima

Playing along with the zest of seemingly innocent childhood games, the players suffer through power play, oppression, and other injustices. The players struggle to break away from the circus set by the higher-ups when the three-part game unmasks as an allegory to the deep-rooted societal issues. People clamor for the games to be over when they find themselves not as players but as people who get played.

Lansangan Award

An Eidolon Named Night by Hanz Gabrielle Piozon

An equipment that can project subconsciousness is used by a filmmaker to expose the life of a woman, horrors of a farmer, dreams of a kid, mind of a water buffalo, and his own subconsciousness. Segmented in a three-part sequence, the filmmaker connects the desires, anguish, dreams, and realities into a single color.

Cinemasters’ Choice

Mga Salitang Inanod by Gabriel Grenan Carmelo

In a rural area in Mindanao, a deaf-mute boy witnesses the mysterious drowning of twins in a river. As his brother helps him overcome the trauma induced by the event, the harsh truth rises from the waters.

Viewer’s Choice

Taya by Xyron Miguel Parapara

In his teen years, Leo has become used to his father’s frequent absence, getting by each day through the care of his mother and the presence of his friends down the block. His father, Ron, was usually out of a job, yet comes home drunk and abusive to his wife Anne.

Leo tolerates the his father’s abusive remarks to not make things worse, until Leo hears him slapping his mother. Out of rage, Ron storms out to leave them, yet Leo does not hesitate to chase him outside. He fails to catch up with his father on a tricycle. The following day, his friends appear before him as they tease him. He breaks down in tears as he chases them. The childish games and insults would never be the same for Leo.

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