Call for Entry

19th Docedge Kolkata – Call for Projects 2022

The Docedge Kolkata, Asian Forum for Documentary, is accepting projects until February 6th, 2022. *For filmmakers/producers from Asian countries*

About the Docedge:
DocedgeKolkata, Asian Forum for Documentary is an Incubation, pitching and networking platform for Indian and Asian filmmakers to develop best practices of storytelling skill. The forum is one the most vibrant documentary platforms in Asia creating co-production opportunities and creative collaborations for independent filmmakers who speak distinctly with their own voices.

* Due to COVID-19 Pandemic the 19th Edition of DocedgeKolkata, Asian Forum for Documentary will be held virtually, in March-April 2022.*

Docedge Kolkata is looking for author-led creative documentary proposals aiming for international co-production. Primarily the proposed projects should be at development or production stage. Films in early post production stages are also eligible to apply.

All filmmakers/ producers, by nationality belonging to one of the Asian countries, are eligible to apply for DocedgeKolkata 2022.

Docedge won’t accept multiple entries from the same filmmakers/producer. Films which have been already completed are not eligible for application. Applications by email or by post are not accepted.

A maximum of 24 projects including awarded projects from other Asian markets/ forums will be selected to participate in DocedgeKolkata 2022.

The proposed project may be of any subject or theme ranging from climate change, conservation, human rights, social issues to deeply personal stories, societies and culture. We are looking for original stories with innovative creative treatment and artistic vision. Experienced and emerging filmmakers who are interested in cross-cultural collaboration are encouraged to apply. The selection of projects will be based on artistic merit and international potential for co-production.

Indian Applicants
– Participant with project: INR 1500
– 2nd Participant (if any): INR 1500
– Observer: INR 1000

International Applicants:
– Participant with project: $ 25 USD
– 2nd Participant (if any): $ 25 USD
– Observer: $ 20 USD

Workshop Fees: to be paid after selection
Indian Applicants
– Participant with project: INR 14,000
– 2nd Participant (if any): INR 12,000
– Observer: INR 7,000

International Applicants:
– Participant with project: $ 200 USD
– 2nd Participant (if any): $ 170 USD
– Observer: $ 100 USD

Important Dates:
Submission Closes: February 6th, 2022
Selection Announcement: February 21st, 2022
Participants & Observers Registration for Workshop: February 22nd – 28th, 2022
DocedgeKolkata Award and Concluding Ceremony: May 25

Forum will be held virtually in 3 phases:
– Phase 1 | Project Development Workshop/Mentoring | March 4th – 17th, 2022
Pre-pitch Mentoring will include Narrative Labs and Visual Labs and One-on-One sessions with the tutors.

– Phase 2 | Pitch Submission | April 4th, 2022
Post mentoring the participants will need to record and submit a 7-min Pitch Presentation including a visual clip/trailer links which will be shared with the decision-makers for viewing.

– Phase 3 | Pitch Presentation and Post-Pitch Industry Meet | May 13th – 25th, 2022
The recorded offline pitch will be followed by live feedback and question and answer sessions with the panel.

We recommend filmmakers/producers to read the full Rules and Regulations here:

Application Guidelines can be seen here:

For observers, please go here:

To see other Calls please follow the next link: “Call For Entries”.

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