5 Films you shouldn’t miss at the 1st Ulsan International Film Festival

These are five films you shouldn’t miss at the 1st Ulsan International Film Festival, which will take place from December 17th – 21st 2021, at the Ulsan Culture & Arts Center & MEGABOX Ulsan, Ulsan, South Korea.

– Selected Films –

Aloners by Hong Sung-eun – Korea | 2021 – 91 minutes

Jin-a feels comfortable being alone both at home and outside. People keep trying to talk to her, but she only feels bothered by this. She is in charge of training for the new employees, which is agonizing for her. One day, she happens to learn that a man who always said hello to her on her commute had died alone. The death makes a ripple in her calm days. This is a story of everyone who has her own dose of loneliness. (UIFF 2021)

Screening Date:
December 18th, 2021 | Saturday | MEGABOX Ulsan | 13:30 pm


Hot in Day, Cold at Night by Park Song-yeol – Korea | 2021 – 90 minutes

Young-tae and his wife Jeong-hee have to deal with financial difficulties. One day, all his family members gather to celebrate Jeong-hee’s mother’s birthday. As Young[1]tae realizes that the other have prepared money as gifts, he suggests to Jeong-hee that they should get a loan for her present. On his way back home, Young-tae, feeling quite small, blames Jeong-hee, who in turn goes to a loan shark. (UIFF 2021)

Screening Date:
December 19th, 2021 | Sunday | MEGABOX Ulsan | 20:00 pm


Miracle by Lee Jang-hon – Korea | 2020 – 117 minutes

The only way for people to come and go is train rail in this village, but ironically, there is no station. Jun-kyung, who has just sent his 54th letter today to the Blue House, has only one goal; to have a station in his town. Jun-kyung’s father is very by the book and says having a station in the village is never going to happen. Despite the opposition of his father, he insists on staying in the town with his sister, Bo-kyung, and travels the 5 hour-long distance back and forth to school. A spelling class in order to write a persuasive letter with his self-proclaimed muse, Ra-hee, who recognizes Jun-kyung’s extraordinary in his goofiness, a test for a TV quiz show to gain popularity and a math contest! Jun-kyung’s efforts to build a station will only go on. (UIFF 2021)

Screening Date:
December 19th, 2021 | Sunday | MEGABOX Ulsan | 16:00 pm
December 20th, 2021 | Monday | 울산 블루마씨네 자동차극장 2관 | 19:30 pm


The Girl on a Bulldozer by Park Ri-woong – Korea | 2021 – 112 minutes

Hae-young has just turned 20. She has one problem; her father, Gu Bon-jin. He was on the run in a car he had stolen and had a car accident, which put him in a coma. Not only does she learn that her father’s restaurant would be taken over by a newly married couple, but she also learns that her father is diagnosed with a brain death. To make matters worse, a young couple, who was injured in the car accident, has asked for a big settlement. (UIFF 2021)

Screening Date:

December 18th, 2021 | Saturday | MEGABOX Ulsan | 19:30 pm


The Good, the Bad, the Weird by Kim Jee-woon – Korea | 2008 – 130 minutes

In an imperial train, a microcosm of lawless Manchuria in the 1930s, where different races live their lives amidst a flurry of guns and daggers, three Joseon men meet, each from different backgrounds through the turbulent age. Park Do-won, a bounty hunter, who hunts anything that can make him money. Park Chang-e, a gang group leader, who cannot stand it if he is not the best. Yoon Tae-gu, a train robber, who always works alone with a strong resilience. They don’t know one another, but they start chasing after one another across the continent to take a map that Tae-gu found while he was robbing a train. (UIFF 2021)

Screening Date:
December 19th, 2021 | Sunday | MEGABOX Ulsan | 11:00 am


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