13th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival – Short Competition 2021

We present the programme for the Short Competition of the 13th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival which will take from September 9th – 16th, 2020 in Goyang City and Paju City, Gyeongii Province, Korea.

About the festival:
DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (DMZ Docs) aims to promote ‘peace, life and communication,’ the values represented by the site of DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) in Korean Peninsula, through arts in documentary form. As one of the leading international documentary film festivals in Asia, DMZ Docs introduces a wide range of documentaries from Korea and abroad and provides a platform for the filmmakers and industry professionals to meet and find better opportunities.

Shorts Competition
A Cat May Look at a King by Cheng Chih-ming | Taiwan
Black Canvas by Shirin Ekhlasi | Iran, Germany
Dance for Life by Baby Ruth Villarama | Philippines
Days of Love by Su Yueqin | Hong Kong
Hak Kyung by Kim Heejin | South Korea
HappyHappy Divorceparty by Nam Soona | South Korea
I Smell Wedding Bells by Hong Minki | South Korea
If You See Her, Say Hello by Jiajun Oscar Zhang, Pyun Hee-young | China
Madame Lien’s Factory by Nguyen Thu Huong | Vietnam]
Mao’s Ice Cream by Zhang Jialu, Brindusa Ioana Nastasa, Annabella Stieren | China, Germany
May Jeju Day by Jude Kang | South Korea
Melody by Kim Younjeong | South Korea
My Grandmother is an Egg by Chang Wu-Ching | Taiwan, UK
My Voice My Music by Chan Yawen | China
Nowhere to Go by Lee Minho | South Korea
Our Home by Lee Oh-eun | France, South Korea
Pallae: Womanhood Story by Park Sohyun | South Korea
Paraffin Dream by Kwon Soon-hyeon | South Korea
Sad Film by Vasili | Myanmar, Netherlands
So Far, yet Too Close by Choi Minkyung, Dina Mimi | South Korea, Palestine
Space Baedari by Lim Kiwoong | South Korea
Strike with the Beat by Sai Kyaw Khaing | Myanmar
Telltale by Jang Wonsuk | South Korea
The Fabric by Iman Behrouzi | Iran, Germany
The Geshema is Born by Malati Rao | India, Nepal
The Last Hope by Raja Shabir Mohd Khan | India
The Long Hole by Jeong Yeoreum | South Korea
The Snow Calls by Marjan Khosravi | Iran

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