DMZ Industry – Official Projects 2021

The DMZ Industry presented the official documentary projects that will be supported in the development, production and postproduction stages. There are also projects that will be able to pitch they documentaries at the DMZ Doc Lab 2021.

Development Fund

Korean Projects
ACROSS by Kim Ji – South Korea, Germany, Italy
Bright Future by Audra Popescu – Romania, South Korea
Cannabis Project by Lee Soojung – South Korea
Documentary Sunny by Ryu Seungjin – South Korea
The Story of Us by Im Yeonjeong – South Korea
Yongsan Legacy by Kim Dahye – South Korea

Asian Projects
A Distant Call by Andrea Suwito – Indonesia
Tell Them About Us by Rand Beiruty – Jordan
The Tongue of Water by Polen Ly – Cambodia, France
WOMEN OF MY LIFE by Zahraa Ghandour – Iraq, Germany, Switzerland

Production Fund

Korean Projects
Breath by Jero Yun – South Korea
Edhi And Alice by Kim Il-rhan – South Korea

Asian Projects
Mom of the Ring by Wu Yue – China

Post-production Fund

Korean Projects
In the Sky Where Seasons Pass by Ko Hanbul – South Korea
1989 Berlin, Seoul Now by Choi Wooyoung – South Korea

Production Pitch

Korean Projects
Being a Politician for Dummies by Lee Ilha – South Korea
Beyond the Mental (Working Title) by Kim Hei – South Korea
The Land of Frogs (Working Title) by Lee Junyong – South Korea
Pirated Future by Jung Eugene – South Korea, Ukraine
Poetry on Land by the Grandmather Landscape Architect by Jung Dawoon – South Korea
Twinkle Twinkle (Working Title) by Jude Kang – South Korea

Asian Projects
Another World by Tushar Madhav – India
Baby Jackfruit Baby Guava by Nong Quang – Vietnam
Catching Them Young by Pankaj Johar – India, Germany
Farming the Revolution by Nishtha Jain, Akash Baumatari – India
Republic by Jin Jiang – China
The Return of Agaar by Yang Bo – China
Winter Chants by Tsang Tsui Shan – Hong Kong

Rough Cut Presentation

Korean Projects
Mom’s Care Service by Jeon Chanyoung – South Korea
SUKHAVATI by Sun Hobin, Na Baru – South Korea

Asian Projects
A Holy Family by Elvis A-Liang Lu – Taiwan, France
The Misfit Comedian by Hyunga Fumiari – Japan
Silent House by Farnaz Jurabchian, Mohammadreza Jurabchian – Iran, Philippines

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