17th Mini Film Festival – Programme 2021

We present the programme of the 17th Mini Film Festival (Malaysia) which will take place online from July 17th – 25th (2021).  The festival offers 47 carefully curated short films and 3 exclusive discussion sessions with filmmakers and juries hailed from Malaysia, Southeast Asia and Germany. Participation in the festival is entirely FREE. Enjoy!

About the festival:
Organized by the students and academics of Cinematography Programme, University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Mini Film Festival is the longest running short film festival in Malaysia stepping into its 17th edition celebrating filmmakers with daring and creative approaches in telling story matters both to themselves and the society as a whole. Apart from the festival, frequent film screenings (Duduk dan Tonton), workshops, talk/ sharing sessions programmed by Yow Chong Lee (festival programmer/ director) are also being organized for film and arts community in Sarawak.  In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizer had also migrated the festival and all its subsequent events entirely online. Hence, making it the first Malaysian onsite film festival that migrated online entirely.

How to enjoy the festival:
1) Go to
2) Log in or register to Eventbrite
3) Select the category you want to watch (you can select the “All in One” to get access to the whole program).
4) Fill the request form
5) Wait for the confirmation email.
6) On the day of the festival you will get access to the films via the link on point 1.


– Student Category –
A Cohabitation (新居入伙) by Tung Wei Ye
Bagan (Sudden Uncertainty) by Firdaus Balam
Flow Flow Flow (潺潺) by Wong Pei Szi
Half, Half (一半,一伴) by Kok Jia Yi
Kopi Girl by Alison Loke Mern Nyee
Menunggu Kau Pulang (Waiting for You)  by Izaq Yuzaini
Pulang (季候風) by Yam Kin Wai
Ripples (餘波) by Chen, Mu-Sheng
Those Flowers (那些花儿) by Loo Yuan Ling
Who The F*ck Are You (你誰) by Ng Kai Soong

Available from July 16th (11:00 pm) until July 18th (11:00 pm)
Available from July 22nd (11:00 pm) until July 24th (11:00 pm)

– Best of UMN (Life Cycle) –
[Ma]cho by Jazmin Sheila R | 2018
BABA (Father) by Brandon Hetarie | 2018
Becoming Girl (Menjadi Dara) by Sarah Adilah | 2018
Hide n’ Run by Excel Dermawan| 2020
Keluarga Satu Setengah (One and A Half) by Raffael Arkapraba Gumelar | 2017
Ojek Lusi (Tour on Mud) by Winner Wijaya | 2017
Sisa Suara (Leftover Voice) by Muhammad Andriandino | 2020

Available from July 18th (7:00 am) until July 19th (7:00 am)

– Open Category –
Ayahku, Dr. G (My Father, Dr. G) by Hidayah Hisham
BEE, My Friend (蜂港天的魔法校园) by CHENG Thim Kian
Burung-Burung (Shadow of the Kingfisher) by Anwar Johari Ho
Dora by Faijan Mustapah
Echo (Kelinguh) by Jeremy Jecky
Is Everything OK There? (你那边OK吗?) by Xian Wei Desmond Ooi
Tempat Letak Kereta (Parking Lot) by Abdullah Hannan Syed & Firdaus Balam]
The Dalang’s Tale by Irwan Junaidy, Maizura Abas, ‘Atiqah Mohd Abu Bakar
Times Have Changed (Kaalam Maari Pochu) by Kumaravarman R. Sivaperumal
Were the Sun and the Moon to Meet (Tadau om Vuhan Kopisoomo) by Nadira Ilana

Available from July 18th (11:00 pm) until July 20th (11:00 pm)
Available from July 23rd (7:00 am) until July 25th (7:00 am)

– Special Mention Programme –
Biji by Chew Kin Lek
Dear Father by Jonathan Lee & Pak Sun Man
Gadis Sungai by Zaid Azman Zainal Aznam
GASTRO by An Nasaie
Kaki Bangku (Clubfoot) by Nanthakumaran Rajavijayan & Deepak Avil
Langgar by Mathuveeta Balakrishnan
Tako-san by Teoh Kuan Yang Thomas
Target by Gwai Lou
The Umbrella by Lim Yue Yang
You’re Not Your Hands by Talha K.K & Tsa Meera

Available from July 20th (11:00 pm) until July 22nd (11:00 pm)

– Kurz.Film.Tour Category –
Favoriten by Martin Monk | Germany | 2020
In den Binsen by Clara Zoë My-Linh von Arnim | Germany | 2020
Just A Guy by Shoko Hara | Germany | 2020
Land of Glory by Borbála Nagy | Germany | 2020
Meeting by Jannis Alexander Kiefer | Germany | 2020

Streaming starts on July 22nd – 7:00 am

– From SeaShorts With Love Category –
BURA by Eden Junjung | Indonesia | 2019
Jodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month by Carlo Francisco Manatad | Philippines | 2017
Peon by June Wong, Shaiful Yahya, Syaz Zainal | Malaysia | 2019
Prelude of the Moving Zoo by Sorayos Prapapan | Thailand | 2020
Uncle Goose Waits For A Phone Call by Kew Lin Qin Zhi | Singapore | 2020

Available from July 23rd (9:00 am) until July 24th (9:00 am)

For more information, please go to:

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