8th Wildflower Film Awards Korea – Winners 2021

Lucky Chan-Sil by Kim Chohee came up as the grand winner of the 8th Wildflower Film Awards Korea which took place on May 21st at the Korean Literature House in Central Seoul. Here we publish the list of winners.

Grand Prize

Lucky Chan-sil by Kim Cho-hee – Korea | 2020 – 95 minutes

A female film producer in her 40s, Chan-sil suddenly finds herself homeless, friendless and penniless when the director she has worked with for as long as she can remember drops dead. Having devoted her life to her only dream, film, she finds herself lost without a clear sense of direction to navigate out of her predicament. Chan-sil moves to the top of the hill on the outskirts. The old lady, the owner of the rented house, is somewhat strange. What′s even stranger is the ghost that appears often in this haunted house. The ghost says he was a famous actor in Hong Kong during his lifetime. Chan-sil gets a job as a housekeeper at an actress friend’s house, and she develop feelings for her French teacher. Her anxieties begin to emerge… her long expired youth, failed romances and a broken career. But life goes on and Chan-sil soldiers on, embracing the hardships and taking each day step by step.


Best Narrative Director

Yoon Danbi for Moving On – Korea | 2019 – 105 minutes

A family gathers at grandfather’s place by chance and breaks up. Okjoo, who has been observing her family for a short time, gains the strength to rise above the loss through this experience. (MUBI)


Best Documentary Director

Kim Mirye for East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front – Korea | 2019 – 74 minutes

On August 30th, 1974, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries bombing was carried out by the East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front. Following Mitsubishi bombing, a series of Japanese corporations were attacted by the Front. (MUBI)


Best New Actor Award

Kang Mal-geum for Lucky Chan-sil – Korea | 2020 – 95 minutes

Best Actor Award

Kwak Mingyu for The Boy from Nowhere – Korea | 2020 –

Second-generation migrant worker, Soo is released after receiving probation and community service sentence for his use of violence. Along with his friend Pil Sung, he ends up working as brokers for illegal migrant workers. While fulfilling his community service duty, he meets surfers. Soo falls in love with surfing as the surfers Ddong Ggo and Hae Na teach him how to surf.


Best Actress Award

Kim Ho-jung for A French Woman (dir. Hee-jung Kim) – Korea | 2019 – 89 minutes

Mira in her mid-forties has been living in Paris for more than twenty years. Having just divorced her French husband, she impulsively decides to visit Korea and meets her old friends Young-eun and Sung-woo who had lessons of play 20 years ago. While having cheerful times in a bar, Mira goes to a toilet and when returns, time has reversed twenty years. It is the day of Mira’s farewell party before she sets off for France. Before figuring out whether this is all Mira’s illusion or not, she goes through a series of mysterious reversing time sip.


Best Cinematography Award

Kim Heejung for A French Woman (dir. Hee-jung Kim) – Korea | 2019 – 89 minutes

Best Supporting Actor Award

Lee Hanwie for Somewhere in Between (dir. Jeon Jihee) – Korea | 2020

A man who continuously attempts and fails the public examinations returns home without hope for his future. There he finds some hope and comfort. (Source: HanCinema)


Best Screenplay

Lee Taegyeom and Kim Jaen for I Don’t Fire Myself – Korea | 2021

Jung-Eun (Yoo Da-In) has worked at the same company for the past 7 years, but she gets assigned to work for a subcontractor. The company tells her that if she works at the subcontractor company for 1 year, she can return to her original job. Jung-Eun decides to accept the transfer, rather than resign. She tries to adjust to her new work environment, which requires her to work on transmission towers, as best as possible. Jung-Eun wants to return to her original job after her 1 year is up. With the help of Choong-Sik (Oh Jung-Se), she slowly adjusts to her new workplace and the people that work there. (AsianWiki Staff)


Best New Director

Jung Jinyoung for Me and Me – Korea | 2020 – 105 minutes

That night, everything changed! In a rural village, in a small quiet town, a couple dies in a mysterious fire accident. Hyeong-goo who is in charge of the investigation, finds the villagers suspicious and then one morning, he falls into a shocking situation where his life is completely reversed. His house, family, job, everything he knew was gone. Will he be able to get his life back again? (HanCinema)

Best Low-Budget Genre Film Award

Lee Donku for Fanfare – Korea | 2019 – 88 minutes

J, the mysterious woman, may well just be a phenomenon rather than an actual person. A minimal society squeezed within a tight space–this is the stage to express the director’s perspective towards intertwined human interactions and current affairs. (IMDb)


Staff Award

Jung Taeo and Hwang Inkyu music for On The Road, Khaosan Tango (dir. Kim Beomsam) – Korea | 2018 – 97 minutes

A man who travels in the past has met by chance a woman who travels in the present at Khaosan Road, in Bangkok, Thailand and becomes a porter of her and leaves the road together. (IMDb)


Producer Award

Ray L. Hong producer of Festival (dir. Kim Lok-Kyoung) – Korea | 2020 – 108 minutes

Kyung-man is an unknown MC who emcees various events while taking care of his ill father and a younger sister. One day, his father has passed away. He gets an offer from a colleague a high-paying job in the countryside. Desperate for money, he accepts and heads to Samchunpo for an 80-year-old lady’s birthday party. (UMFF 2021)


Dandelion Award for Notable Documentary

Park Yunjin for People in Elancia – Korea | 2020 – 86 minutes

Launched in 1999, the Nexon game Elancia celebrated its 20th anniversary. Although there are many macros and hacks prevalent in the game due to absence of management, there are still quite a few users left behind. Why can’t they leave Elancia?


Lifetime Achievement Award

Pyo Yongsoo

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