20 Short films you shouldn’t miss at the 22nd Jeonju International Film Festival (Part 1)

These are twenty short films that you shouldn’t miss at the 22nd Jeonju International Film Festival which will take place both-in-theatre and online from April 29th until May 8th (2021), in Jeonju, South Korea.

Selected Films:

A blue giant by Noh Gyeongmu – Korea | 2021 – 7 minutes | Animation
Section: Korean Competition for Shorts

The protagonist, who has a too big body for the house, goes through all sorts of hardships outside the house, and finally finds the house fit for the body. (JIFF 2021)

A Delivering Life by Jeon Jemin – Korea | 2021 – 23 minutes | Fiction
Section: Special Focus: Corona, New Normal

Sungjoon, a food deliveryman, works on the risky road every day to pay off his bad debt, but it’s hard to save money. As he works as usual, he delivers to Hyunji’s house. Something strange happens that Hyunji asks him to have lunch with her. After a moment of consideration, he decides to accept her proposal. (JIFF 2021)

Cheong by Kim Jung-in – Korea | 2012 – 17 minutes | Fiction
Section: ATO Special Fresh Wind

Having fun with friends one afternoon, Hong pretends not to see her blind father. (JIFF 2021)

Cube by Jo Meehye – Korea | 2020 – 15 minutes | Fiction
Section: Korean Cinema

Shinyoung is preparing for a 9th-level civil servant position at the goshiwon. One day, when Shinyoung opens her eyes, her body is a cube. Shinyoung is transferred to the research institute and used as research data. But the lab can´t figure out anything. (JIFF 2021)

Egg Curry Rice by Seo Ji-hyung – Korea | 2021 – 5 minutes | Animation
Section: Korean Competition for Shorts

A woman comes home with her tired body. As she lies down on the bed and closes her eyes, the memories of the past recall her, with cooking sounds from the kitchen. (JIFF 2021)

Freeway by Hwang Seul-gi – Korea | 2017 – 19 minutes | Fiction
Section: ATO Special: Fresh Wind

Cabdriver Yeojin plans to leave Korea and start a new life with her daughter in China. On departure day, she heads for the airport with her friend Juhee when a sudden incident makes a mess of their journey. (JIFF 2021)

Happy Valley by Simon Liu – Hong Kong, USA | 2020 – 13 minutes | Fiction
Section: Expanded Cinema

British Colonial-era structures overlook scenes in the aftermath of the civil unrest of Hong Kongers as suspension cables and ship anchor lines reveal fragile urban anatomy. The structures keep the city moving. A rendering of the perseverance of spirit in Hong Kong – an attempt at the irony that can’t help but be emotional. (JIFF 2021)

Language Exchange (Échange De Langue) by Kang Jiyeon – Korea | 2020 – 10 minutes | Fiction
Section: Korean Competition for Shorts

Yeji and Kendrick exchange languages at home. (Yeji et Kendrick échangent des langues à la maison.) (JIFF 2021)

Maria & Beyonce by Song Yechan – Korea | 2020 – 28 minutes | Fiction
Section: Korean Competition for Shorts

Mirae gets an offer of a K-pop trainee contract. She looks back on her short life and finds her past that would ruin her future career and reputation, as she dreams of becoming a k-pop star. Most of all, her ex-boyfriend, Jaemin, is the most worrisome. She starts to clear her past and sets out to find Jaemin. (JIFF 2021)

May Jeju Day by Jude Kang – Korea | 2021 – 14 minutes | Animation
Section: Korean Competition for Shorts

In Jeju Island, considered the Hawaii of Korea, an incident named “Jeju 4·3” killed about 1 in 10 people, under control of the U.S. military government, shortly after liberation from Japanese colonial rule. In this film, the children who survived the massacre 70 years ago testify with their drawings. (JIFF 2021)

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