19th Hong Kong – Asian Film Financing Forum | Work-in-Progress Projects 2021

We present the 21 projects for the 5th edition of the Work-in-Progress section (WIP) that will be present at the 19th Hong Kong – Asian Film Financing Forum (HAF) which will run virtual from March 15th to 17th.

The WIP section will return to its regular slot this year, in conjunction with the main HAF programme and the 25th Hong Kong Filmart (FILMART).  Given the COVID-19 pandemic’s ongoing restrictions, the event will go online again following its first-ever virtual edition in August 2020.

There were 129 submissions from 50 countries and regions this year.  Most of the shortlisted projects are at post-production stages, with several currently in production.  The lineup includes 10 documentaries and 11 fiction films, mostly from Asia, with several European productions and co-productions.

A Light Never Goes Out by Anastasia Tsang (Hong Kong) | Producer: Saville Chan
Production Company: A Light Never Goes Out Ltd.

As Day Comes and Goes by Louis Yin (China) | Producer: Li Yanru, Seven Bai
Production Company: Beijing Straw Dog Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Loenly Pine by Dalmira Tilepbergen (Kyrgyzstan) | Producer: Marina Dessiatkina
Production Company: Arno Film, Culterra Magica

Red Horse in the Summer Sky by Chang Tso-chi (Taiwan) | Producer: Kao Wen-Hung
Production Company: SimpleView Production Co., Ltd.

Saving One Who Was Dead by Václav Kadrnka (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic) | Producer: Václav Kadrnka
Production Company: Sirius Films

Sometimes It’s Like Going Back To Childhood by Chen Guan (Hong Kong) | Producer: Cheng Qingsong, He Xuan, Li Tianyu
Production Company: Pad International Limited

Stonewalling by Huang Ji, Otsuka Ryuji (China) | Producer: Otsuka Ryuji
Production Company: Yellow-Green Pi Co., Ltd.

Sunshine of My Life by Judy Chu (Hong Kong) | Producer: Ng Kin-hung, Edmond Wong
Production Company: Mandarin Motion Pictures Limited

The Wild Will Say by Renai Wei Yongyao (China) | Producer: Tan Chui Mui, Annie Song
Production Company: Yiti Film Production Co., Ltd., Rapid Bus Film Co., Ltd.

To Love Again by Gao Lingyang (China) | Producer: Liang Jing, Guan Hu
Production Company: The Seventh Art Picture Co., Ltd.

Zalava by Arsalan Amiri (Iran) | Producer: Ruhollah Baradari, Samira Baradari, Ruth Yoshie Linton
Production Company: Touba Film

Airborne by Shaunak Sen (India) | Producer: Aman Mann
Production Company: Kiterabbit Films

Between the Hooks by Ibrahim Hash’at (Germany) | Producer: Florian Schewe
Production Company: Film Five GmbH, RMG 247 Productions GmbH

Forms of Forgetting by Burak Cevi (Turkey, France) | Producer: Selman Nacar, Guillaume de Seille
Production Company: Fol Film

No Winter Holidays by Rajan Kathet, Sunir Pandey (Nepal | South Korea) | Producer:Rajan Kathet, Sunir Pandey, Gary Kam Byung-seok
Production Company: Salpa Films Pvt. Ltd., Mirror & Story

Our Second Home by Frankie Sin (Hong Kong, Taiwan) | Producer: Stefano Centini, Peter Yam Yin-cheung
Production Company: Volos Films Co., Ltd. 飛望影像有限公司, 70 Plus Production Company Limited 七十志製作公司

Scala by Ananta Thitanat (Thailand) | Producer: Abhichon Rattanabhayon
Production Company: Bandai Dam Studio

The Return of Agaar by Yang Bo (China) | Producer: Xu Xiaofei
Production Company: Hainan Mind Image Film Productions 海南晴耕文化傳媒有限公司

The Siren Song by Eden Bernal (Mexico) | Producer Polly Yeung, Eden Bernal
Production Company: Sinapsis, The Lady Improper

Winter Chants by Tsang Tsui-shan (Hong Kong) | Producer: Teresa Kwong, Ken Hui
Production Company: River Vision Company Limited

Yasmine’s Journal by Christian Abboud (Lebanon, France) | Producer: Pierre Sarraf
Production Company: né à Beyrouth Films

To know more about the projects please go to:

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