Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival Davao – Winners 2019

naffdwinners2019We present the winners of the Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival Davao which took place from October 25th – 29th in Davao City, Philippines.

About the Festival:
Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival Davao is an annual showcase of films that explores the myriad meanings of the “ngilngig”—a common Bisaya expression for something that is “kuyaw” (fantastic) or for something that elicits horror or alluding to the macabre.
From what used to be a horror-genre festival, Ngilngig Festival has expanded its scope to become the first fantastic film festival of its kind in Southeast Asia, extending the reach to other neighboring countries’ “ngilngig” and fantastic films that are significant with our own ways of telling stories to promote and preserve our myths, traditions, history and culture into cinematic form.

Philippine Shorts
Best Philippine Short Film


Saop (The Tenant) by Julienne Ilagan – Cagayan de Oro

Comments by the Jury: “For its composed cinematography and its ability to conjure a slacker horror film.”




Jury Prize

Anong Nangyari

Anong Nangyari Kay Andrew Magsilang (What happened to Andrew Magsilang?) by Neo Bryce Largo, Cris John David Manero, Ivan Romar Cabanial – Panabo

The short film tells the story of a vlogger that uses environmental campaign for his video content to attract more subscribers and yet he was doing the opposite practices behind the camera.

Comments by the Jury: “For its deliciously wicked humour of a modern illness.”



Asian Shorts
Best Asian Short Film


Hawa by Tan Ce Ding – Malaysia | 2017 – 15 minutes

Hawa is a short film set in post-apocalyptic Malaysia. The story is about two children tries to befriend one another.

Comments by the Jury: “A well-crafted short film that subtly comments on racial tensions and told from the point of view of a child transforming into the undead.”




Jury Prize

Blue Sides on the Blue Sky

Blue Sides on the Blue Sky by Rachmat Mustamin – Indonesia | 2018 – 15 minutes

Comments by the Jury: “A lyrical and sympathetic portrayal of a family coping with a mysterious affliction.”




Special Citation

It’s Easier to Raise Cattle

It’s Easier to Raise Cattle by Amanda Nell Eu – Malaysia | 2017 – 23 minutes

Two teenage outcasts form an uncanny friendship in their remote village. As one discovers the other’s dark secrets, she observes the changes in her new acquaintance to the point of violence, monstrosity and affection.

Comments by the Jury: “A tender film that subverts the genre and turns a creature of terror into a trusted confidant.”




Workshop Films
Special Jury Prize


In Limbo by Ram Botero

Comments by the Jury: “For its daring juxtaposition of Dante, Marx and Khalil Gibran in a text-heavy script yet retaining the gorgeous production design.”



Special Achievement for Story Concept


Lazaro’s Trip by Joy Dalman

Comments by the Jury: “For its futuristic worldview and its apocalyptic vision of history.”

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